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About Biciclown

Let me introduce myself. I am Alvaro Neil, although my nickname is BICICLOWN. I have lived “in” my bike since 2001, and in 2004 I left my town of birth Oviedo (Asturias, Spain) and have never come back since. I have no plans of going back, at least not before I have finished my project Miles of Smiles Around the World. Potentially, I may have finished by 2014, but plans are being delayed. Fortunately, I will be 50 by the time I go back home, a difficult age to enter the labour market. But I will not go back to my former job as assistant at a Notary’s office in Madrid.

I did not give up a permanent job to do my project because I had a quarrel with my girlfriend (well, now she is my former-girlfriend) or because I read The Little Prince an afternoon in fall. I am here because one day I understood that the cemetery is full of dreamers and I did not want to join them. I want death to get to me with an empty wallet and the heart full of landscapes and smiles. I have no pension scheme and I am not concerned about the 67 year pension scheme. Someone has said that you do not fly because you have wings but rather wings grow because you have flown. Let me add, YOU HAVE TO FLY WITH OR WITHOUT WING.

BICICLOWN comes from the fact that I travel by bike and I am a clown. I offer my clown shows to the most humble and for free.


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