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The Adventure Junkies is the place to learn about outdoor adventure online. By combining our actionable digital resources and our supportive online communities, we make getting out into nature possible for anyone. We believe getting people out into the wild places of the world, has the potential to solve some of our planet's most pressing environmental challenges.

This blog is written by Amanda Zeisset, Co-founder of The Adventure Junkies. In each post, Amanda digitally teleports you to the places and people that harness the power of adventure to conserve the environment. From high altitude hiking in the Andes, kayaking with whales in Argentina, to kiteboarding in Sri Lanka, we investigate the positive impact outdoor adventure has on our planet.

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We believe that getting people out into nature is THE solution to lasting conservation of the world’s species and ecosystems.

The Adventure Junkies is driven by the purpose of helping people to learn new outdoor activities. Stepping outdoors creates a chain of events that all have a positive impact on the environment. As an adventure junkie, you can contribute conservation efforts in a unique and meaningful way.

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