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“Love this newsletter! Thanks for the micro adventure video. Totally inspired. We have 3 young kids and adventures like we used to do them often seem too hard. The micro adventure video has totally inspired our family.  

Rebecca Hopkins
“I recently joined your community, I am so happy I can’t help it - I should tell you how grateful I am for what you do. 

My adventure started a few years ago (I am 46), with every year my passion for hiking and mountains only gets stronger. I was starving for information, inspiring stories and like minded people who share their experiences and favorite destinations. And I’ve found it!

Today’s email was like you were reading my mind. All those links helped me to get things more clear.” 

Oksana Komarnytska 
“I wanted to tell you how much I’ve appreciated your recent emails about preconceived notions about what type of people hike and enjoy the outdoors.”

Becki Rupp
Get Your Weekly Dose of Adventure Straight Into Your Inbox
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