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About Tired of I.T.

Hi, I’m Dave. There’s a few hidden meanings behind the Tired of I.T! name, but for those who can’t ready through my dry wit let me explain a few things.

I’m 35 years old, and for most of my life I’ve spent it front of a computer, in my personal time figuring out how things work, working on projects, and designing things to make life easier. Most of the time it gave me a chance to express my vivid imagination. Professionally after a few unsuccessful attempts of trying to steer myself away from working with computers to make a living I gave in and worked in various area of the globe helping my clients meet their business goals. Travel, exposure to new technologies, honing skills are all positive aspects of doing this, yet juggling too many projects, lack of sleep, wearing a suit and tie, all fall in the not so good category.

Burnt out, I finally snapped in 2008 when I met my third friend who had suffered from a heart attack in the previous 6 months. That was enough to take a step back and look at things from a different viewpoint, searching for a way to further myself, to provide enlightenment, and happiness.  Feeling trapped in my living arrangements, scratching at thin air to find ways to make my overall way of life better, and just wanting to feel good I started my transformation.

This transformation went through many phases – exercise, changing my overall diet, removing myself out of situations and relationships, yet I still found myself wondering at the end of it all – what next?

I stopped and thought about the things that meant something to me, comparing it with my “programming” such as buy a house, put up a fence, have children sorta thing. I realized that it was all matter. If I didn’t take the time for myself I’d be miserable living with regret of the things I could have done with my life. Besides, I’m not ready to settle down.

I can’t exactly figure out what the trigger was to make me want to ride my bicycle around the world, but I figure it would be a better way to spend my time seeing real people’s smiles, instead of yellow smiley faces on a screen, and to start working away at the things that I’ve been bottling up over the years – giving a chance to break through the shell and walls I’ve put up. Any misconception of cultures, geographical areas, and hardships need to be reworked. I realized this means going back to basics – focusing on 3 core concepts – food, water, and shelter. Once I’ve mastered those, then I’ll re-enter into ‘society’ again. But hey, I may make it 200km and find myself and say I’m through, who’s to say.

In early 2009 I started selling off every possession I own, did a couple of test runs to work out gear kinks, and tie up any loose ends with business and personal relations and set off – So far it has been lifestyle shift living off a bike with 6 bags from a large 3 bedroom house. I’m happy again. Now that I’m away from working with computers professionally I’ve got my hobby back again and mysteriously my creativity, and well-being is rising back up again..

This web page is here now to diarize my travels, and thoughts. Yes, it’s just another blog, primarily for family members and friends who wish to keep up with news and know there is a pulse, however I do hope that some of the information provided may give you enlightenment and to follow your dreams.


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