Our mission is to make the outdoors accessible to everyone in order to inspire people to value, understand, and protect our planet's ecosystems.

We believe when you step out into the wild places of the world, you don’t come back the same person. Experiences in nature inspire a lifelong connection with our planet and the creatures we share it with. 

Simply put, we do what we do because we believe the world needs more adventure junkies.

An adventure junkie is much more than someone who's addicted to adventure.

They are infinite learners, dreamers and doers. They set big goals for themselves and push their limits to achieve them. Through their experiences in the outdoors, they've developed a deep sense of respect for nature.

To help people become adventure junkies, we created this website to be THE place to go to learn about outdoor activities and connect with a global network of like-minded people. 

Through our actionable digital resources and our supportive online communities, we give you the tools you need to experience nature in powerful ways.

Whether you dream of hiking through a pristine forest or exploring the depths of the ocean, we’re here to help make it possible.

We do all this because we believe in the power of adventure.

That getting people out into nature is THE solution to lasting conservation of the world’s species and ecosystems.

Conservation is a state of harmony between humans, the land and all living creatures. It’s about balance, respect and understanding. Conservation efforts create a world where all life can co-exist and thrive for generations to come. 

Experiences outdoors inspire this harmony like nothing else. Films, books and T.V shows can certainly spark an interest but nothing beats the experience itself. You have to be there. You have to see it, to feel it to really understand how precious nature is.

Stepping outdoors creates a chain of events. First, it empowers the adventurer with a new perspective. Second, it provides jobs for local communities. Third, it demonstrates the value of wildlife and natural ecosystems to government leaders.

As a company, The Adventure Junkies, has a role to play in making a positive impact in conservation. We want to help you explore our beautiful planet, today!


Here's what you can do to get started.


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The Adventure Junkies offers over 1,000 web articles to help you get started in 16 different outdoor activities.


Meet the awesome people behind The Adventure Junkies


Amanda Zeisset

Amanda co-founded The Adventure Junkies in 2014 to share her love for the outdoors with people from all around the globe. She got her start as an adventure junkie while hiking and kayaking in the backcountry of New Zealand with her future husband, Antonio. They shared a dream to see the world, so in 2013 they set off to cycle from California to Argentina.

The freedom of the open road, living close to nature, and the total annihilation of her comfort zone fueled Amanda’s desire to keep exploring long after the bike trip was over. Her adventure addiction has taken her scuba diving with hammerhead sharks, hiking to the K2 base camp, kiteboarding in Sri Lanka and kayaking in Antarctica.

Through these experiences, she has developed a strong belief in the power of adventure to reconnect people to nature, provide meaningful jobs to impoverished communities and promote the conservation of wild places and animals.

co-founder & ceo

Antonio Cala

Antonio grew up in Southern Spain and has lived in several places of the 5 continents being New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico some of his favourites.

Addicted to adventure travel and unexpected plans, Antonio is on a personal mission to help you get out there and do stuff. His travels have taken him cycling in the Peruvian Andes, hiking through Fiordland in New Zealand, camping in Antarctica, diving with hammerhead sharks and kayaking with Orcas.


He's been exploring and adventuring around the world full-time since 2013, he's been to 100+ countries and currently lives with his wife Amanda on a catamaran in the Sea of Cortez where he spends most of his time searching for whales, scuba diving, paddle boarding and kite surfing. 


How The Adventure Junkies became what it is today.

A Bike Trip's Blog

The Adventure Junkies began as a personal blog as Amanda & Antonio shared their 3 year cycling adventure, where they rode their bikes from San Francisco to Argentina.

Sure, they were on a cycling trip but it wasn't all about cranking out miles, they went on plenty of other kinds "off the bike" adventures too.

They hiked though the snowy mountain passes of the Andes, paddled the cactus lined coastline of Baja California and went diving with hundreds of hammerhead sharks in Colombia.

Over the years of cycling and adventuring, they had tried so many new things, pushed themselves physically and mentally and had grown stronger because of it.

Cycling The Salar De Uyuni

Huayhuash Circuit - Peru

Something Bigger Than Ourselves

When the readers of the blog began to ask them how they could go on their own adventures, they wanted to help them because they knew experiences in the outdoors would have a huge impact on their lives and how they saw the world.  

If they really wanted to help others, they had to do more than inspire people through their stories, they had to give them real tools.

Having tweaked their idea over countless nights while lying in their tent, they knew in their hearts that The Adventure Junkies could be so much more than a travel blog. Something much bigger than themselves.

Recreating The Adventure Junkies

When they set out to transform The Adventure Junkies from a blog to a true resource, they envisioned a brand that would give you everything you needed to learn new outdoor activities.

Sure, there were magazines, gear stores and online forums, but nothing existed for complete beginners. Those people who don't know where to even start. So, they set out to create just that. 

They recreated The Adventure Junkies to have two main features. One is a collection of quality resources about outdoor activities. The other is a group of supportive online communities that are led by adventure experts.

Kayaking Sea of Cortez