The Adventure Junkies provides high quality digital learning resources that helps people take their first step into the world of outdoor adventure. We offer a powerful combination of education and community to help you acquire all the skills and knowledge you will need to bring your big dreams to life. 

The Adventure Junkies is a part of The Adventure Mindset Group, which is a mission driven organization aimed at opening peoples minds to the possibilities.


The Adventure Mindset is a way of thinking that allows you to achieve anything you want in your life. It’s a 3 stage cycle we call “believe it, learn it, live it”. “Believe it” starts in your mind, “Learn it” is all about action, and “Live it” is the actual accomplishment.


The first step of your journey starts in your mind. It requires you to believe that what you want to accomplish is possible and build the confidence you need to make it happen.



Now that you have a clear vision and unwavering self-belief it’s time to get to work. In the learn it stage you acquire all the skills and knowledge you will need to bring your big dream to life.



The last step in the cycle is where you combine your mindset and new skills to accomplish what you set out to do. During this stage, you connect with like-minded people and develop a community that supports your continuous growth.

The Adventure Junkies is directed at helping people achieve the “Learn It" stage of the cycle by providing high quality resources. This website was created to be the one stop shop for learning about adventure activities. We provide a vast array of information on gear, skills and tips for hiking, scuba diving, bicycle touring, climbing, kayaking, snow sports, outdoor photography, sailing and mountain biking.

Our goal is simple - give you everything you need to feel safe, confident and prepared in the outdoors.


"The Adventure Quick Starter Guides"

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