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You’ve got your board. You’ve got your helmet. You even bought that jacket you’ve been eyeing for the past year. But one thing still remains. Goggles. And you have no idea which ones are the best snowboard goggles for you.

Goggles are essential for any and all riders. When you’re cruising down the mountain, whether in sunny weather or sleet, wind and kicking snow can plaster your face. So instead of shielding yourself from the wind with a forearm, or stopping, or moving so slowly that you don’t even get to enjoy the best parts of shredding, you need a strong, durable, and stylish pair of goggles to protect your eyes on the slopes. But choosing the best snowboard goggles for you can seem like a difficult task given how many different models there are on the market. Fortunately, we’ve picked out the ten best snowboard goggles for you, to make your task a little easier. Read through the list below to find out which pair best suits your needs.

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Quick Answer - The Best Snowboard Goggles

  1. Smith I/O MAG ChromaPop
  2. OutdoorMaster Pro
  3. Zeal Lookout Automatic+
  4. Smith Grom ChromaPop
  5. ACURE SG01


Comparison Table - Best Snowboard Goggles

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NameFrame SizeVisible LensesPriceRatingReview
Smith I/O MAG ChromaPopMediumNo$$$4.7Read Review
OutdoorMaster ProLargeNo$4.4Read Review
Zeal Lookout Automatic+MediumNo$$$4.6Read Review
Smith Grom ChromaPopSmall/MediumNo$$4.5Read Review
Anon M4 MFIMediumYes$$$4.9Read Review
Giro BlokSmallYes$$3.3Read Review
Dragon X2LargeNo$$4.2Read Review
Smith RangeMediumYes$4.9Read Review
ACURE SG01MediumNo$4.6Read Review
ZIONOR X4MediumNo$4.6Read Review
NameFrame SizeVisible LensesPriceRatingReview
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Reviews - The Best Goggles for Snowboarding

Smith I/O MAG ChromaPop

  • Frame Size: Medium
  • Visible Lenses: No
  • Scratch And Impact Resistant Lens
  • Magnetic Frame For Easily Replaceable Lens
  • Chromapop Technology For Color-popping Contrast


If you’re looking to spend a little bit more cash and want a crazy, enjoyable ride, Smith’s I/O Mag ChromaPop goggles are a great option for you. With unique chromapop technology, the trail will literally pop out as you cruise down it. And with a scratch and impact resistant lens, even when you get caught up staring at the cool colors, those rogue branches or rocks that hit your goggles won’t scratch them. 

This is one of the more expensive pairs of goggles on our list, but with a sturdy frame, a comfortable, 3-layer foam to prevent moisture from building up, and a wide selection of colored frames, these goggles will last you a long, long time.

OutdoorMaster Pro

  • Frame Size: Large
  • Visible Lenses: No
  • Various Color Options So You Can Match These To All Your Snow Apparel
  • Large Spherical Lens Allow For Unobstructed Views Of The Mountain
  • Over-The-Glasses Design Means You Can Wear Your Prescription Lenses Under These Goggles


If style is your priority, but you don’t want to pay what most high-end goggles cost, The Outdoor Master goggles will look as cool as any pair out there on the mountain. An over-the-glasses design means you can wear your glasses underneath and an interchangeable lens system means that if you choose to buy a few different frames, you can swap them in and out easily. 

These goggles, which come at one of the lowest price points on the market, even come with a protective case and carrying pouch as well, so if you’re careful, they could last you longer than anticipated. Best for beginner riders that value style but don’t want to spend too much, the Outdoor Master goggles are a very affordable option.

Zeal Lookout Automatic+

  • Frame Size: Medium
  • Visible Lenses: No
  • Lens is digitally optically tapered in thickness to match the curve of your eye to eliminate distortion
  • Everclear antifog molecules are permanently infused into the lens material
  • 100% UVA/B/C protection
  • Permashield Hardcoat won't scratch or scuff
Zeal Lookout Automatic+


For boarders who want the best peripheral vision, give these goggles a go.

Zeal designed the Lookout Automatics with a photochromic lens that automatically adjusts tint and color. These are integrated with Observation Deck Technology, which serves to replicate an eagle’s eye view, improving your overall field of vision. There is upper and lower venting to help prevent fogging up.

What I like most about the Zeal Lookout is the rail lock system that effectively allows you to slide and magnetically lock your lens into place, allowing for a simple, secure lens swap.

Smith Grom ChromaPop

  • Frame Size: Small/Medium
  • Visible Lenses: No
  • Ample interior volume and floating foam membrane lets kids wear the goggles over eyeglasses without temple pressure
  • Fog-X antifog inner lens helps keep their vision clear
  • 2-Layer DriWix face foam offers all-day comfort
  • Dual-slide strap adjustment
Smith Grom ChromaPop


If you have an up and coming shredder who needs quality goggles for crisp vision and safety reasons, the Grom ChromaPops are sure to do the trick.
Smith designs its kid-specific goggles with the same quality technology as its adult models. The Grom features top of the line spherical lenses and 2-layer face foam that provides for all-day comfort while still allowing your little one to wear these over eyeglasses, if needed. 

What I like most about these goggles is the dual-slide strap adjustment that makes it easy to really dial in the perfect fit.

Anon M4 MFI

  • Frame Size: Medium
  • Visible Lenses: Yes
  • Two Toric Lenses Included So You Can Use These Goggles In Various Weather Conditions
  • Triple Layer Face Foam Adds Comfort
  • Non-slip Silicone Helmet Strap Keeps These Goggles Firmly In Place All Day Long
Anon M4 MFI


If you have a hard time fitting goggles to your face and a higher volume face, give the Anons a try — they might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Anon is a brand known for quality over quantity — and the Anon M4s are no exception. These impressive goggles provide for a wide field of view, adequate ventilation, and overall quality fit. Part of the reason they’re a great choice for those with larger faces is that the frame is large but super low profile, maximizing field of view. They sport a very minimalist design complimented by a thin frame and a foam liner.

What I like most about these goggles is how quick the lens system allows you to swap out lenses on the fly.

Giro Blok

  • Frame Size: Small
  • Visible Lenses: Yes
  • Anti-Fog Coating So Your Vision Stays Clear Even While You Sweat
  • Molded Cylindrical Lens To Enhance Optics
  • Classic/Retro Style Goggle
Giro Blok


If you’re looking for an old-school goggle with new-school technology, the Giro Blok goggles have the look of old with the features of new. An anti-fog coating will protect your goggles from smoking up while a patented VIVID lens should improve your visual perception while riding. The lens itself is molded by injection for the perfect shape and coated with an anti-scratch and impact resistant layer. 

Visible frames give these goggles an old, retrofit, but at a sturdy price point they are a great option for riders in mild climates looking for a pair of goggles that will last them for years on the slopes.

Dragon X2

  • Frame Size: Large
  • Visible Lenses: No
  • Flexible Frame Material For Easy Packing
  • Tri-Foam Frame Technology Provides Superior Comfort
  • Adjustable Helmet Strap So You Can Fit These Bad Boys To Any Helmet
Dragon X2


Big, bright, and beyond stylish, the Dragon X2 Four Snow Goggles not only look cool, but will suit all your goggle needs. Built with unique Polyurethane flexible frame material, these lenses will flex and fit to any environment while the lens system eliminates any unwanted distortion during your ride. 

For comfort, the tri foam frames help wick any moisture that may accumulate between your face and goggles during the ride as well. These goggles are best for someone seeking a large lens and a durable frame to hold it.

Smith Range

  • Frame Size: Medium
  • Visible Lenses: Yes
  • Fog-X Anti-Fog Treatment Prevents Your Goggles From Fogging Up When You Sweat
  • Microfiber Goggle Bag Included To Protect Your Goggles When Not In Use
  • Adjustable Helmet Strap Allows You To Fine Tune The Fit To Match Your Face Shape


At a relatively low price point, the Smith Range goggles check all the boxes of a strong pair of goggles. With carbonic spherical lenses that reduce sun glare and a tapered design to reduce visual distortion, these goggles will suit you on any terrain. With the ability to fit neatly beneath your helmet, the adjustable helmet strap allows you to fine tune them to the contours of you face while the Fog-X technology will reduce any fog that comes about while you’re shredding. With a microfiber goggle bag included, the Smith Range goggles may be the all around best package on our list.


  • Frame Size: Medium
  • Visible Lenses: No
  • Color Variance Means You’re Sure To Find A Pair That Suits Your Style
  • Weather Variance Makes These Goggles Useful For Any And All Weather
  • Double Lenses Prevent Glare While Providing A Crystal Clear View
  • Over-the-glasses Design Allows You To Wear Prescription Lenses Under The Goggles


With a large front panel and no visible frames, these goggles are built to provide you with a 180 degree view of the mountain. If you’re the type of boarder who wears glasses under your helmet, fear not, for the Acure’s over-the-glasses design allows you to do just that. And the double lenses will provide a crystal clear view of the world around you while preventing any unwanted glare. 

Unlike some goggles, Acure’s SG01 Goggles are compatible with any helmet and the lifetime warranty insures that if you do somehow manage to break them, you’ll be able to replace them without a problem. At such a low price point, these are great goggles for an introductory rider.


  • Frame Size: Medium
  • Visible Lenses: No
  • Wide Selection of Colors
  • Anti-fog and UV Protection Protects Your Eyes From The Elements
  • Magnetic Lens Technology Allows Easy Replacement Of Lens


With all the necessary attributes of a good pair of goggles and a sleek design to complement it all, the ZIONOR X4 Goggles are great for any beginner rider. With a 100% UV400 protective coating and an industry standard anti-fog treatment, these goggles will function in any environment. A large frame gives riders a more complete view of their terrain while the impact-resistance technology  means you probably won’t break these the first time you fall. 

If you’re in the market for a reliable, beginner pair of goggles and don’t want to pay for the pricey ones, this pair may be the perfect one for you.




If you’re shopping for goggles, we assume you already own a snowboard, boots, and bindings. There are so many different styles, molds, and environments that goggles can accommodate, so when choosing yours, it’s best to do a bit of research on the matter first. We’ve assembled a list of key points to consider when buying your pair of snowboard goggles. But if you want to know more, check out what others have to say about how to buy snowboard goggles, as well.


It may be hard to admit, but before buying any goggles, ask yourself this: how good are you? Have you ever snowboarded before? Do you think you’re going to go more than once? Whatever the answer is, buy a pair of goggles that suits you best. If you’re planning on shredding twenty times a year for five years, spend a lot of money. If you think you’ll go at least once but you’re not sure if you’ll go again, then stick to a cheaper, all-inclusive option on the list and work your way up from there.



After judging your skill level, assessing your environment is probably the most important aspect to consider when buying goggles. Do you plan on shredding strictly in fair, Californian weather at a resort like Mammoth, or do you intend on traveling to the east coast or midwest for some different environments? Whatever your desire, the weather you ride in will drastically affect what you see and which goggles you should be using. And if you don’t have the right lens, it may be harder to find your way down the mountain. Make sure when buying goggles that the lens (or lenses) you are equipped with will suit your environment.



Do you want big frames, or small frames? Goggle frame sizes vary, both on the inside and out. So before purchasing a pair of goggles, go try some on to see how they fit on your face and to judge how you like the frame. A large frame on the outside may look awesome, but inside, it may be too tight on your eyes.



With goggles more than anything, you get what you pay for. The more you spend, the longer they will last. Hands down. The less you spend, well, don’t be surprised if they break on the first day.





This refers to goggles that are designed to accommodate glasses underneath them.


A toric lens has a unique optical power and focal length that can help correct common eye problems like astigmatism.



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