When you’re hiking or backpacking, you can’t always predict what the conditions will be, especially in the mountains where an afternoon thunderstorm can pop up unexpectedly. That’s why a hat should always be on your packing list to protect your head from the sun or rain beating down. This list of the best hiking hats for women provides great options that will keep sunburn or wetness from ruining your hiking trip. From baseball caps to wide-brim toppers, you’re sure to find one you like.

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Quick Answer - The Best Hiking Hats for Women

  1. Outdoor Research Halo
  2. Arc’teryx Calvus
  3. Tilley Wanderer
  4. Sunday Afternoons Charter
  5. Outdoor Research Solar Roller
  6. The North Face Horizon Brimmer
  7. KUHL Renegade
  8. Outdoor Research Oasis Sombrero
  9. The North Face Breakaway
  10. Tilley LTM6 Airflo


Comparison Table - Best Hiking Hats for Women

Outdoor Research Halo50YesBall CapNylon and Polyester$4.2
Arc’teryx CalvusN/AWater RepellentBall CapPolyester$$4.6
Tilley Wanderer50Water RepellentSafari HatOriginal Cotton Duck$$$4.7
Sunday Afternoons Charter50NoSafari HatNylon$$4.7
Outdoor Research Solar Roller50NoSafari HatNylon$$4.7
The North Face Horizon Brimmer50NoSafari HatRipstop Nylon$$4.6
KUHL Renegade50YesBall Cap95% Nylon, 5% Spandex$4.7
Outdoor Research Oasis Sombrero50NoSun HatNylon/Polyester$$4.7
The North Face Breakaway50NoBall CapWoven Polyester$4.7
Tilley LTM6 Airflo50NoSafari HatNylon$$$4.8


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Reviews - The Best Women's Hiking Hats

Outdoor Research Halo

  • Material: Nylon and Polyester
  • Style: Ball Cap
  • UPF: 50
  • Waterproof?: Yes
  • Quick-Release Back Buckle
  • Reflective Accents
  • Moisture-Wicking Headband


When the storm clouds roll in, grab this hat to keep hiking comfortably. The multi-layer nylon fabric is breathable and waterproof, creating a fully seam-taped layer (to improve waterproofness) that wicks moisture away and dries quickly. As the sun returns, the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ sun protection will keep those rays off your head and face. Underneath the brim, dark fabric reduces sun glare, and the moisture-wicking headband will keep sweat or rain off your face no matter the weather. Keep the Halo Cap at the ready when you head out for a hiking hat that can brave the elements with you.

Arc’teryx Calvus

  • Material: Polyester
  • Style: Ball Cap
  • UPF: N/A
  • Waterproof?: Water Repellent
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Finish
  • Adjustable Closure Strap
  • Mesh Sweatband


Whether you’re out for a hike or a trail run, the Calvus Cap is so light, you’ll forget you have it on as you move through the mountains. A sturdy brim keeps the sun or rain off your face, and the durable water repellent (DWR) finish will help keep your head dry in a light drizzle. The mesh side panels and sweatband enhance breathability while wicking away moisture, and the adjustable closure strap in the back stretches to create a secure fit for your head. Shade your eyes and keep them on the trail ahead of you with this convenient, no-nonsense cap.

Tilley Wanderer

  • Material: Original Cotton Duck
  • Style: Safari Hat
  • UPF: 50
  • Waterproof?: Water Repellent
  • Secret Secure Pocket
  • Front and Back Wind Cords (to keep the hat on your head in windy conditions)
  • Grommets (for extra ventilation)


Snap to it: depending on the conditions or just your mood, the Tilley Wanderer Hat can snap upwards on one side, both sides, or not at all. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ certified fabric offers maximum sun protection, while the durable water repellent (DWR) treatment sheds moisture on rainy days.  When the wind picks up, secure the Wanderer on your head using the front and back wind cords. If it’s particularly warm outside, ventilating grommets will help keep your head cool while the sweatband wicks away moisture. If you’re traveling or on the trail, secure small valuables in the secret stowaway pocket, and don’t worry about losing your hat over a stream crossing — it floats in water. Come wind or rain, this hat is a great, long-lasting companion.

Sunday Afternoons Charter

  • Material: Nylon
  • Style: Safari Hat
  • UPF: 50
  • Waterproof?: No
  • Internal Security Pocket
  • Moisture-Wicking Headband
  • Mesh Ventilation
  • Floatable Foam Core


Keep cool and protected with the coverage of the full-brim Sunday Afternoons Charter Hat. The front and back brims on this topper both exceed 3 inches, providing ample shade along with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ sun protection. As you work up a sweat, the internal headband will wick away moisture to keep sweat out of your eyes, while the nylon mesh at the crown of your head optimizes breathability.

For an easy place to stash small items, look to the internal security pocket, and use the Sunglass Lock feature to keep your sunglasses in place. Adjust the hat to suit your head perfectly using the internal straps, and tighten or loosen the chin strap for an even better fit. Water repellent fabric that resists stains and packs flat when you’re on the go makes the Charter Hat a fantastic hiking hat option.

Outdoor Research Solar Roller

  • Material: Nylon
  • Style: Safari Hat
  • UPF: 50
  • Waterproof?: No
  • Drawcord Adjustment
  • Removable Chin Cord
  • Floatable Brim


Nobody wants the wind to blow their hat away, and the folks at Outdoor Research know that. That’s why the Solar Roller Hat is designed with a drawcord adjustment you can cinch down with one hand to tighten it to your head for an ideal fit. When it gets gusty out there, secure the Solar Roller with the cordlock on the chin cord, which is removable on days you don’t need it. A brim just shy of 3 inches will keep the sun off your face, coupled with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50 protection to protect your skin from harmful rays. Internally, a comfortable nylon headband wicks moisture from your head as you hike, and the foam-stiffened brim will keep this hat afloat should it find its way into water. Take this packable option along wherever the trail takes you.

The North Face Horizon Brimmer

  • Material: Ripstop Nylon
  • Style: Safari Hat
  • UPF: 50
  • Waterproof?: No
  • Adjustable Drawcord
  • Moisture Wicking Technology
  • Ventilating Mesh Lining


Ventilating mesh has been placed strategically throughout the Horizon Brimmer Hat to keep you cool when the weather heats up. Mesh lining at the crown allows your head to breathe, while the technology woven into the internal fabric wicks away moisture, driving fast evaporation to keep you cool and dry.

The sun is no match for the shade offered by the wide brim, and certified Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50 sun protection also ensures your skin will be safe from rays beating down. Adjust the hat to your perfect fit using the drawcord, and cinch the chin cord to keep it on your head should the breeze pick up. Stay cool from dry deserts to swampy tropical hikes with this breathable hiking hat.

KUHL Renegade

  • Material: 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex
  • Style: Ball Cap
  • UPF: 50
  • Waterproof?: Yes
  • Quick-Adjust Strap System
  • 2-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Anti-Abrasion Properties
  • Durable Waterproof Repellent (DWR)


Need a hat that will stay on your head? You can rely on the Kuhl Renegade Cap. This hat was designed to conform to your head from front to back and in between, and the quick-adjust strap system allows for easy fine-tuning with just one hand. The stretchy fabric is durable thanks to anti-abrasion properties that will make it last forever, and it also resists water due to the durable water repellent (DWR) finish. Comfortable and quick-drying, the Renegade can handle rain or shine without a problem. Add in Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ sun protection, the highest level of protection out there, and you have a great trail companion for any conditions.

Outdoor Research Oasis Sombrero

  • Material: Nylon/Polyester
  • Style: Sun Hat
  • UPF: 50
  • Waterproof?: No
  • Foam-Stiffened Brim (to keep hat afloat in water)
  • Drawcord Crown Adjustment
  • Removable Chin Strap
  • Moisture-Wicking Sweatband


With a full brim that provides coverage from front to back, the Oasis Sombrero hat will have your neck and face wholly protected from the elements. The brim is stiffened with foam to help the hat stay above water should it fall into a stream on the trail. Those cases should be few and far between, though, thanks to the two adjustment cords that let you fine-tune the fit: one external drawcord at the crown to fit the cap tightly to your head, and the other at the chin, which has a cordlock to pull tight to your face to keep your hat on when your outing gets windy.

The Oasis’s fabric is water-resistant to withstand light rain, while the synthetic sweatband fabric wicks away moisture when you’re working up a sweat. Take this hat out for a hike no matter the weather, and your head will be covered from top to bottom.

The North Face Breakaway

  • Material: Woven Polyester
  • Style: Ball Cap
  • UPF: 50
  • Waterproof?: No
  • Mesh Panels (for ventilation)
  • Easy Back Hook and Loop Adjustment
  • Sunglasses-Friendly Cut
  • Front Brim


Made from a lightweight woven polyester fabric, the North Face Breakaway cap is a light but trail-ready hiking companion to keep you moving fast through any landscape. The front brim shades your eyes or keeps the rain off your face, while ventilating mesh panels offer breathability when you’re working hard while hiking or backpacking.

When the sun comes out, you’ll be grateful for the Breakaway’s Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50 to help prevent damage from harmful ultraviolet sun rays. Should rain make an appearance on your hiking trip, the proprietary FlashDry fabric has you covered, as it’s designed to speed up drying via evaporation. No matter the weather, from mountain peaks to canyon bottom, this cap has your back.

Tilley LTM6 Airflo

  • Material: Nylon
  • Style: Safari Hat
  • UPF: 50
  • Waterproof?: No
  • Hidden Valuables Pocket
  • Foam Top (to keep hat afloat in water)
  • Moisture-Wicking Sweatband


After a rainy or sweaty hiking trip, what’s better than a hat you can throw in the washer to clean? The Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat was designed with that sort of easy use in mind, with excellent sun protection and rain- and mildew-repelling properties. This hat’s Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ is the highest sun protection fabric can provide, while the wide and stiff brim will keep rays off of your face and neck. The foam structure in the top of the hat also makes it floatable should it end up in the water wherever your travels or trails take you.

Internally, a soft, comfortable sweatband wicks moisture from your face, while a cord connecting the chin and the back of the head keeps the hat in place all around your head when the wind picks up. A hidden pocket in the hat’s crown will hold small items like your I.D. or keys, proving that this hat offers great protection for everything from your skin to your personal items.






Different hat styles offer a variety of brims to choose from – baseball caps will keep the sun and rain off your face, for example, but won’t do much to protect your neck from ultraviolet rays. If you need more coverage, opt for a hat with a brim that goes all the way around, offering protection to the top of your ears and back of your neck.



If your hiking plans include a lot of time in the sun, looks for hats that offer Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ratings. A UPF of 50 or 50+ will offer the best protection from sun rays that could be damaging to your skin. For more on what to look for in your hiking wear, check out this article.



Some hiking hats are waterproof or water-resistant, so if you live in a rainy climate, look for features like waterproof fabric or a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment.



Many hiking hats are made from polyester or nylon, as these synthetic materials are quick-drying and manage moisture well as a layer next to your skin. You may also come across duck cotton, which is a durable woven canvas fabric that won’t be as lightweight as those synthetic materials but will last forever. If you need a hat that breathes well – for hot climates or trail running, for example – look for ventilated mesh panels that enhance breathability.



As a piece of hiking gear, hats will likely never be the heaviest item you bring. Still, you may want to be conscious of weight if you’re looking to move quickly and not be held back by a heavy, floppy hat blowing around in the wind. For lightweight options, look for ball caps with shorter, sturdy brims.





The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is a rating for sun-protective clothing. It measures the UVA and UVB radiation that is able to penetrate the fabric to reach the skin, with a 50+ rating offering the most protection.


The part of a hat that sticks out from the base of the crown. Brims can be in the front of a hat (like a ball cap) or all around (like a safari hat), offering various coverage for the face, ears, and neck of the wearer.


The upper part of a hat, which makes contact with the top of your head and surrounds it all the way down to the brim.




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