Updated on November 25, 2020

Does the thrill of riding waves call to you, but you don’t want to learn how to surf? That’s the genius of a boogie board! You can use these innovative little boards to swim laps at the pool or ride drop-kneed over the waves in the ocean. But each function requires different features, so we sifted through what’s out there to bring you the best boogie boards for your desired use. Whether you’re a boisterous child or a full-grown adult, boogie boards can be used by everyone for fun in the sun, so read on to find out which board is best for you!

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Quick Answer - The Best Boogie Boards

  1. Morey Mach 7
  2. BPS Storm Bodyboard
  3. GoPlus Super Bodyboard
  4. Own the Wave – Beach Attack
  5. Mike Stewart Science Style
  6. Wave Rebel Pro Classic Bodyboard


Comparison Table - Best Boogie Boards

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NameLengthsSizeWeight LimitTail ShapePriceRatingReview
Morey Mach 741” and 42”5’9” - 6’160-180 lbsCrescent$$4.7Read Review
BPS Storm Bodyboard33”, 37”, and 41”2’-5’9”60-188 lbsCrescent$4.1Read Review
GoPlus Super Bodyboard33”, 37”, and 41”4’-5’11”89-189 lbsCrescent$4.3Read Review
Own the Wave – Beach Attack33”, 37”, and 41”2’-5’9”60-188 lbsCrescent$4.3Read Review
Mike Stewart Science Style40”, 41”, 42”, and 43”5’4” - 6’4”120-180 lbsCrescent$$$4.9Read Review
Wave Rebel Pro Classic Bodyboard42”5’6” and up190 lbsBat$3.3Read Review
NameLengthsSizeWeight LimitTail ShapePriceRatingReview
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Reviews - The Best Boogie Board

Morey Mach 7

  • Lengths: 41” and 42”
  • Size: 5’9” - 6’
  • Weight Limit: 160-180 lbs
  • Tail Shape: Crescent
  • Power Rod Stringer (reinforces the strength of the board)
  • Bottom Channels (to keep consistent contact with the water’s surface)
  • Slick Bottom (that glides across the water)
  • Lightweight But Sturdy


This is the type of nostalgic, enduring bodyboard you remember using as a kid and later want to buy as an adult. The boogie board provides an enjoyable experience out on the water worth recreating, for yourself and your own family. The quality of this board is much better than a standard store-bought boogie board, but comes at an easy price for a weekend-worthy board.

BPS Storm Bodyboard

  • Length: 33”, 37”, and 41”
  • Lengths: 33”, 37”, and 41”
  • Size: 2’-5’9”
  • Weight Limit: 60-188 lbs
  • Tail Shape: Crescent
  • Comes With a Coiled Leash and Fin Tethers (so you don’t lose your equipment)
  • Variety of Color Options
  • Super Lightweight
  • Slick Bottom Surface (glides across the water)
  • Rear Bottom Channels (to keep consistent contact with the water’s surface)


With the easy price of this board and all the color options, you might as well let every member of the family choose their own. There’s a “just right” size for Goldilocks and all three bears from 2’ to nearly 6’ tall. The little ones can just revel being on the water while the adults enjoy the speed and efficiency as they take more purposeful rides over the waves.

GoPlus Super Bodyboard

  • Lengths: 33”, 37”, and 41”
  • Size: 4’-5’11”
  • Weight Limit: 89-189 lbs
  • Tail Shape: Crescent
  • Multiple Designer Patterns
  • Slick Bottom Surface (glides across the water)
  • Weather-Resistant, Waterproof, and Shock Absorbent
  • 60/40 Rails (for better control on bigger waves)
  • Comes With a Leash and Wristband (so you don’t get separated from your board)


You don’t need anything fancy. You just want to relax on the water at camp or on vacation. That’s where the GoPlus Super comes in handy. It’s sturdy, lightweight, and buoyant which makes it perfect for water exercise classes, drop-knee surfing, or wave pool riding. It’s also a great way to help beginners and kids ease into real surfing.

Own the Wave – Beach Attack

  • Lengths: 33”, 37”, and 41”
  • Size: 2’-5’9”
  • Weight Limit: 60-188 lbs
  • Tail Shape: Crescent
  • Comes With a Leash and Fin Tethers (so you don’t lose your equipment)
  • Slick Bottom Surface (glides across the water)
  • Rear Bottom Channels (to keep consistent contact with the water’s surface)
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • 60/40 Rails (for better control on bigger waves)


This Wave Weapon is so lightweight you won’t believe how strong it really is and how much control it gives you. The ultra-lightweight construction also lends to the board’s buoyancy and speed as you take on the incoming tide. Riders often choose this reliable board over store-bought models because it’s much more solid and meant for real waves rather than kiddie pools.

Mike Stewart Science Style

  • Lengths: 40”, 41”, 42”, and 43”
  • Size: 5’4” - 6’4”
  • Weight Limit: 120-180 lbs
  • Tail Shape: Crescent
  • 55/45 Double Rail (for equal parts speed and control)
  • Single Stringer (for board longevity)
  • Nose Bulbs, or Finger Grips (for easier carry)
  • Slick Mesh Bottom (for better shock absorption)


As an elite boarding pioneer, Mike Stewart is at the cutting edge of boogie board design. When you see his name attached to a board, you know you’re getting the most epic, up-to-date standards and attention to detail. The science behind this boogie board delivers a premier mixture of control, speed, and maneuverability worthy of a world-class athlete (making even the novice look good). If you’re serious about boarding or just want the best of the best, this is the boogie board for you.

Wave Rebel Pro Classic Bodyboard

  • Lengths: 42”
  • Size: 5’6” and up
  • Weight Limit: 190 lbs
  • Tail Shape: Bat
  • Comes With Fabric Leash (so you don’t lose your board)
  • Bottom Channels (to keep consistent contact with the water’s surface)
  • Slick Plastic Bottom (that glides across the waves)


This bodyboard has features that allow you to advance with the sport as you get more experienced. The stiff structure lets you take on choppier warm-water waves while the channels along the bottom allow for better control. If you’re an adrenaline junkie who wants to ride fast and try new tricks (at a no-brainer price), the Rebel Pro is the best choice for you.




To an outsider, a boogie board may seem like a simple piece of foam that helps you float. However, there’s much more to it than that. The shape of the nose, tail, sides, and bottom of the board influences the way you ride as well as the combination of materials the board is made out of. But don’t worry, we’ll help simplify all the technical stuff so you can make an informed choice.


Boogie boards are rather inexpensive compared to surfboards or paddle boards, but they do range from under $100 to well over $300. The materials the board is made out of and all the extra features affect the price. You should weigh your budget and your seriousness about the sport against the cost to make the best decision.



One of the most important factors in your decision-making should be the board’s use. Do you want to use the board in a swimming pool or the ocean? Do you plan to ride often to make progress or once a year just for fun? If you plan to ride hard and often, you want a serious board that can keep up. If you want to ride once in awhile for fun, you may want a simpler model.



Boogie boards usually have a specific weight and height limit. Exceeding the suggested weight impacts the board’s speed and performance. If the board reaches from your chin to your knees when you hold it in front of your body, then you know it’s the right length. The heavier you are, the wider it should be. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for height and weight recommendations.



Bodyboard cores are typically made out of one of two types of foam: polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). PE is heavier and more flexible than PP and provides the best performance in cold waters. PP cores are better for warm waters with their strong, lightweight construction. Aside from PE and PP, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is common on beginner boards as it’s lightweight, stiff, and flexible.



Most boogie boards come with either a crescent or bat tail shape, and each affects how the board rides. The user-friendly arc of the crescent tail hugs your waist curves and allows more of your body to enter the water. The bat tail, which resembles a bat silhouette, isn’t quite as comfortable but it lifts the back end of the boat to reduce drag.





The rails refer to the sides of the board and you’ll often see them listed in percentages, such as 50/50 or 60/40. The numbers refer to the ratio of bottom/top rails (read an explanation here). A 60/40 rail means 60% of the bottom rail is in direct contact with the water and 40% of the top of the rail connects to the deck. While the slight variations are more important for professional riders, you may notice better control with a 60/40 and better speed with a balanced 50/50.


A leash is a strap or length of cord that connects from your wrist or ankle to the boogie board. The leash allows you to keep your board within reach, especially when you fall or enter a current. If a leash is important to you, make sure your board comes with a leash or has a leash attachment.


The deck refers to the top of the board, or the surface you ride on. Typically, they’re made out of foam, making them soft and flexible. Some decks feature contours, indentations that follow the contours of your body for added comfort.


Like little leashes, fin tethers are straps that hold your fins to your ankles so you don’t lose them in the surf. Losing fins in the ocean can become an expensive loss, so it pays to keep them tethered.


Channels are grooves that typically run along the bottom of a boogie board to distribute weight over the water. They also help you maintain your desired direction as you paddle through the water.


A slick, or skin, refers to the material on the underside of the board. A slippery slick allows you to glide across the water faster. Slicks also help your board maintain its shape. Sometimes mesh is incorporated between the slick and the core to help the board keep its shape and reduce stress.


A stringer is a tube built into the core of the board for added durability and performance. Some boards have one middle stringer while larger boards may have two or more to help strengthen the board and equalize pressure.

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