Here at The Adventure Junkies, it’s our mission to get you started in outdoor activities. For each activity, you might require some gear and special equipment. That’s why you’ll find articles on this site about the best outdoor gear – like tents, dive computers, and backpacks – for people who don’t want to take a lot of time figuring out what to get. The idea is to make it easier for you to buy some great gear quickly and get outside.


How Do You Choose What You Recommend? Do You Test Each Product?

First, we find the best writer for the topic we can then put them to work. We study product materials put forth by companies, read forums and user reviews on sites like Amazon, and study all the best articles and papers we can on the topic.

While many times our reviewers have used or personally own products that are featured in our articles we do not test each individual product. Keep reading to find out why we do this.


Why Don’t You Test Each Individual Product?

It’s not because we are cheapskates or too lazy to test each product. It’s because we do not believe it is the best way to go about reviewing. It’s our goal to bring you the very best information out there so you can make an informed decision.

So instead, we approach our reviews in a scientific manner in that we conduct a rigorous meta-analysis. In short, an overall picture that combines the results from multiple studies and reviews in an effort to provide an accurate conclusion about the best outdoor gear.

The benefit of a meta-analysis over a product review is that it includes a consolidated review of a large, and often complex, sometimes conflicting, body of information rather than a personal opinion. This form of analysis is proven to be more accurate simply because there is more data. In short, by using this form of review process, we can reduce the writer’s personal bias and give you information that is based on facts rather than opinions.


Why Only The “Best?”

When we say the best, we don’t mean the one that costs the most or has the most features. In many cases, top-of-the-line models are unnecessary for most people. For this reason, we don’t just give you one model to choose from. We choose a variety of models to suit different experience levels and needs because we know what’s “the best” for one person might not be the best option for you.


What’s With Those Buy Buttons & Amazon Links?

We support ourselves and our work off those links. Each time you make a purchase through those, The Adventure Junkies receives a small commission. You aren’t charged anything extra to do this and you help support this website. Here is more info on how you can support The Adventure Junkies.

The earnings we receive in affiliate income allow us to improve your user experience, hire the best writers and develop new products and services. We look at it as a win-win and we hope you do too.


Doesn’t Getting Affiliate Fees Create A Conflict Of Interest And Bias?

Yes and no. It would create a bias if we chose to exclude gear just because it does not have an affiliate program attached to it. However, it’s our policy to provide you with the best options, even if that means we will not receive a commission in doing so.

The real beauty of affiliate programs is that they allow us to remain independent and honest. We do not accept products from companies and we don’t have any relationship with any brands. Also, you might have noticed our site is clean of those annoying banner ads and sugar coated sponsored articles. This is all thanks in part to affiliate commissions earnings.

For us, our reputation and relationship with readers is what comes first. That’s why we make our best efforts to recommend the things that we truly believe are worth your money. If you aren’t happy with one of the products we recommend, you can return the piece of gear and we will receive zero dollars.


How Can I Share My Personal Experience With A Piece Of Gear?

We love to hear what our readers have to say about their gear. It truly helps others who might have the same needs as you to find what they are looking for.

To share your thoughts please leave a comment directly on the article.

The most helpful comments are straight to the point and scannable. Here’s what we suggest you include.

  1. What you love about your piece of gear.
  2. What you wish was different.
  3. Who would you recommend it to. 

Of course, feel free to make it your own but do keep in mind it will be most useful if it is concise.


Your Site Is Great, I Want To Help Support Your Work!

Thanks, we’re so happy to hear that. You can do that here.