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Deciding to get your whole family in on your favorite winter activity is an exciting step for any skier! But before your kids hit the slopes, you need to make sure they’re properly equipped. And perhaps the most important piece of ski equipment, especially when it comes to outfitting some of the most important people in your life, is a ski helmet. You want to make sure your little one is as safe and warm as can be, and that’s why we at The Adventure Junkies have put together a list of the best kids ski helmets to help you do just that.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to selecting a kids ski helmet. There is even more to think about than there is when selecting a helmet for yourself! Kids are special kinds of skiers who need extra protection, superior comfort, and less weight. You’ll find a range of options on this list and once you check it out, we’re confident you’ll be able to select a helmet that your tyke will be excited about and that you, as a parent, will feel excited about, too.

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Quick Answer - The Best Kids Ski Helmets

  1. Smith Zoom Jr.
  2. Anon Rime 3
  3. Smith Prospect Jr.
  4. Anon Define
  5. Smith Holt Jr.
  6. Pret Ripper X
  7. POC POCito Auric Cut SPIN
  8. Pret Kid Lid
  9. Retrospec Traverse H3


Comparison Table - Best Kids Ski Helmets

Smith Zoom Jr.6Girls’ and Boys’12 oz.$4.7
Anon Rime 32Unisex1 lb. 5 oz.$$4.6
Smith Prospect Jr.14Unisex1 lb.$$$4.9
Anon Define4Unisex1 lb. 3 oz.$$$4.7
Smith Holt Jr.14Unisex1 lb. 3 oz.$4.0
Pret Ripper X12Unisex14 oz.$$4.6
POC POCito Auric Cut SPIN12Unisex1 lb.$$$$5.0
Pret Kid Lid10Unisex12 oz.$$4.5
Giro Crue8Unisex2 lb. 6 oz.$$4.9
Retrospec Traverse H314UnisexNot Specified$4.6
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Reviews - The Best Kids Helmets for Skiing

Smith Zoom Jr.

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  • Construction: In-Mold
  • Gender: Girls’ and Boys’
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Vents: 6
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Protection Technology: Not Specified
  • Adjustable Vents Allow For Open Airflow On Warm Days And Closed Airways On Colder Days
  • Lightweight Design Does Not Sacrifice Safety
  • Furry Lining Is Comfy-Cozy


Is your tyke a bit finicky when it comes to getting too hot or too cold? Dressing a little one for the outdoors isn’t always easy! You want them to be warm enough, but you definitely don’t want them to overheat, either. Well, we have a solution for you: the Zoom Jr. helmet from Smith. Most current adult helmets feature adjustability features when it comes to ventilation, but few kids’ helmets do.

This one does! It has six adjustable vents that you can open up when it gets a little too toasty inside, or keep them closed for those really cold days. The Zoom Jr. also has a super soft lining and lightweight design to maximize your child’s comfort. If you’re looking for something with superior comfort and great temperature control, look no further!

Anon Rime 3

  • Construction: Injection-Molded
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz.
  • Vents: 2
  • Shell Material: ABS
  • Protection Technology: Not Specified
  • Magnetic Snap Buckle Is Kid Friendly And Easy To Use
  • Tough Exterior Shell Is Resistant To Accidental Bumps And Dings
  • Ventilation System Keeps Fresh Air Moving In The Front And Uncomfortable Hot Air Moving Out The Back


Is your least favorite part of skiing getting dressed for it? How about dressing your kids for it? If that’s the case, you need to keep reading because the getting-ready-to-ski process just got a little bit easier! Enter the Rime 3 helmet from Anon. This little guy has a self-adjusting fit system, so no matter what base layers you put on your child’s noggin, this helmet will slide on easily and auto-adjust for maximum safety and comfort — no hassle necessary!

Not only is the Rime 3 one of the easiest helmets to fit, it also features a magnetic snap buckle that is simple to use, even for children. If you’re tired of all those little dials and micro adjustments on straps and helmet skeletons, it’s time you make a change and swap what you’ve got for the Anon Rime 3.

Smith Prospect Jr.

  • Construction: In-Mold
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Vents: 14
  • Shell Material: EPS and Polycarbonate
  • Protection Technology: MIPS
  • Equipped With MIPS, An Industry-Leading Safety Technology
  • 14 Adjustable (And Glove-Friendly) Vents For Ultimate Temperature Control
  • Removable Ear Pads Allow For Easy Cleaning


It’s no secret, kids grow like vines these days! The Smith Prospect Jr. helmet may have a slightly higher price tag than some of the other helmets on this list, but it’s designed specifically to last for multiple seasons, which means you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck, even if your  child is the type of kid who looks taller every time you turn around!

Its special liner system actually adapts to a growing head, but that’s not even the best feature about this helmet. It is also equipped with MIPS technology, Aerocore construction, and Koroyd protective material. Those are fancy terms for elements that work together to create one of the safest and most trusted helmet designs on the market.

Anon Define

  • Construction: Hybrid
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz.
  • Vents: 4
  • Shell Material: EPS And ABS Plastic
  • Protection Technology: Not Specified


With built-in goggles and an easy on-the-go adjustment system, the Anon Define helmet is a parent’s dream! Your little one will never lose their goggles, even if they fidget with them and take them on and off a lot. Most goggles detach from the helmet, which makes it easy for them to fall completely off or flop around and dangle off the goggles clip.

These will stay on! Plus, this helmet and goggle system is built to fit comfortably over a pair of glasses, which is a tough feature to find! If your kiddo sports specs, this is a great option to keep them protected (without taking away their sight or comfort). This helmet also comes with a super comfy chin strap guard to prevent scratches and chafing, and an exterior dial-fit system that makes on-the-go adjustments a breeze.

Smith Holt Jr.

  • Construction: Injection Molded
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz.
  • Vents: 14
  • Shell Material: ABS Plastic
  • Protection Technology: Not Specified
  • Helmet Size Automatically Adjusts For Perfect Fit
  • Removable Ear Pads Mean This Helmet Can Be Used All Year Round
  • Budget-Friendly Option From A Trusted Brand


This Holt Jr. helmet from Smith has everything you need for a swift changeover from season to season! The earpads can be removed, and its 14 vents are able to be opened and closed so you can tailor temperature control perfectly for the weather and time of year. This helmet has a super easy auto-adjust system, too, so whether you’re bundling your child’s head or they’re going layerless, the helmet will fit comfortably.

It comes in a bright blue color so your child will be easy to find on the slopes or on the trails. And with its modest price tag and high quality, you can’t really go wrong. Some reviewers do warn, the helmet is a little bit tricky to adjust for summer use. Don’t let that deter you, just be prepared to spend a little time in the changeover getting the helmet ready for the next season because it’s totally doable with a little grit and effort.

Pret Ripper X

  • Construction: In-Mold
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Vents: 12
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Protection Technology: MIPS
  • Patented Buckle Is Easy To Open And Close With One Hand And While Wearing Gloves
  • Ear Pad Pockets Are Compatible With Most Earbuds
  • Super Cool Design Your Child Is Going To Be Excited To Rock


The Pret Ripper X kids snow helmet comes in a variety of fun color combos and features a poppin’ design your little fashionista is sure to love! But don’t worry, this helmet is equipped with the things you, as a parent, care most about, too. Scaled down from the adult version, the Pret Ripper X features MIPS safety technology (see features explained section below for an in-depth description of MIPS) and a precision fit system for maximum safety and comfort.

It has a wool and fleece blend liner for superior warmth, and an easy-to-use snap buckle that works while you have gloves on. To top it all off, the ear pads in this helmet are compatible with ear buds, so you can take your child’s experience on the slopes from pretty fun to absolutely rockin’.

POC POCito Auric Cut SPIN

  • Construction: In-Mold (XS,S); Injection-Molded (M,L)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Vents: 12
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Protection Technology: SPIN
  • Features Cutting-Edge SPIN Safety Technology
  • LED Panel Makes Your Kid Visible In Low Light
  • Removable Goggles Clip Keeps Goggles Firmly In Place


If you plan to take your child on your extreme skiing adventures, this helmet is the answer. In fact, we wouldn’t go with any other helmet in that case. The POC POCito Auric Cut comes with several features designed specifically for backcountry safety, including a Recco reflector, which enhances radio signals from search and rescue crews, and an LED panel, which enhances visibility in low light and cloudy conditions.

This helmet is also impeccably made. Every aspect of the design, from the liner to the shell, is of extremely high quality and is built to hold up against multiple impacts. The POCito Auric cut also features cutting edge, patent pending SPIN technology, which allows the helmet to rotate in relation to the impact and protect your child’s brain in the rare event of a crash.

Pret Kid Lid

  • Construction: In-Mold
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Vents: 10
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Protection Technology: Not Specified
  • Liner Is Fully Removable And Washable
  • Fit Adjustment System Is Designed To Help You Quickly Find The Perfect Fit
  • Wool And Fleece Fabric Blend Ensures Superior Warmth


The reason this helmet is our pick for your littlest little one is because it is super lightweight and comes in small and extra small sizes. Weighing in at about 12 oz., this helmet won’t weigh down your child, even the one that is just hitting the slopes for the first time! It features a removable, easy-to-wash liner, wool and fleece comfort, and a quick fit system that makes it easy to find the perfect precision sizing every time. Plus, you can feel good about this helmet’s strong in-mold construction and polycarbonate shell. You know what they say — start ‘em early!

Giro Crue

  • Construction: Hybrid
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 2 lb. 6 oz.
  • Vents: 8
  • Shell Material: Not Specified
  • Protection Technology: MIPS
  • Never Lose Sight Of Your Kid On The Mountain -- This Helmet Comes In Over 20 Bright Colors!
  • An Update On The Original Kids’ Crue Helmet, This Version Features The Latest And Greatest Safety Technology Around
  • Ventilation System Designed To Keep Goggles From Fogging


From one of skiing’s most trusted brands comes the kids’ Crue snow helmet. This thing is truly packed with value. Easy and on-the-go fit system? Check. High-performance ventilation? Check. Latest safety technology? Check. Tons of color options your kid will love? Check. Reasonable price tag? Check! We’re not sure what more you could want, but for us, this helmet has it all.

In addition to the aforementioned features, it also comes with a removable goggle clip and a lot of five star reviews. Can you say ready to shreddy? Your kids won’t be able to contain their excitement for the slopes once you outfit them with this thing!

Retrospec Traverse H3

  • Construction: Not Specified
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: Not Specified
  • Vents: 14
  • Shell Material: ABS Plastic
  • Protection Technology: Not Specified
  • Hard Exterior Shell Combined With Soft, Shock Absorbing Interior Make For A Super Safe Ski Day
  • One-Handed Dial Adjustment Makes It Easy To Customize Fit
  • Suitable For Year-Round Use


It may not make sense to buy your kids the most expensive ski equipment when they’re growing so fast that it ends up seeing only one season of use. If you’re trying to get your kiddos geared up without breaking the bank, this may be the helmet for you!

The mission of the Retrospec Traverse H3 building team was to “design for comfort, engineer to protect,” and in doing so, they created a safe, high-caliber helmet that is also warm and affordable! The Traverse H3 features high-quality materials and construction so you can feel good about sending your little shredder down the hill. It also comes in eleven fun colors! There’s not much not to love here, and at this price, the budget skier need look no further.





It’s no secret that skiing isn’t the cheapest hobby you could choose. And costs go up for everything you do when you start including your little ones. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to go skiing! Ski helmets come in a wide range of prices. If cost is a major factor for you, check out one of our best kids ski helmets that has one ($) dollar sign, or look for a helmet that is built to last for more than one season.



When it comes to parenting, we know that you want to keep your children safe, and that’s why safety certifications should be a major consideration when searching for a kids ski helmet. All helmets are required to meet certain safety standards. In today’s market, most of the highest quality helmets for adults feature MIPS technology, which protects from rotational impacts. MIPS is not 100% necessary for most kids who are just starting out, but if you have a true adventure junkie kiddo, you may want to consider a MIPS-equipped kids helmet. Check out this article from Active.com for more info on how MIPS works.



Temperature control is one of the toughest things to nail when it comes to taking a child skiing. It can be made a little bit easier with a warm, properly ventilating helmet. Each of the products on this list of the best kids ski helmets is equipped with a warm liner and proper ventilation. Some offer adjustable ventilation, too. Warmth and ventilation should be a serious consideration for you if you plan to have a ski season that extends from late fall to early spring. For those who tend to take just one or two ski trips a year, temperature control is less of a factor.



Children’s head sizes can be all over the map! To make sure you are buying the right size, go to the “Sizing and Fit” portion of this article for tips on taking accurate head measurements.



Weight isn’t a huge consideration when it comes to choosing a ski helmet for an adult, but when it comes to kids, we’ve got a different story! Kids fatigue much faster than adults do on (and off) the mountain, but you can combat this phenomenon by choosing a lightweight helmet for your little one. Weight becomes less of a factor for older children.





Construction type is not just how the helmet is made; it affects how the helmet performs. With In-mold construction and injection mold construction, inner and outer helmet layers are fused together to create a strong, tough-to-smash helmet. Hybrid construction is another way to fuse all the layers together. It combines in-mold and injection mold to do so.


Two industry-leading choices for helmet shells, both are strong and sturdy and hold up in the event of a crash.


EPS stands for expanded polystyrene. It is a crushable foam that reduces the consequences of an impact.


A mechanism on the back of the helmet that holds the strap of the goggles in place.


Helmet openings located on the top, back, and front of the helmet that serve to prevent overheating and goggle-fogging.


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