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Tom’s Bike Trip is one of the best bicycle touring blogs and best adventure travel blogs on the web.


About Tom’s Bike Trip

I’m Tom from England. That’s me on my most recent journey: the length of England without any money (no cash, no cards, and a bike I rescued from a scrapyard).

Since 2006 I’ve been going on bicycle adventures to places like Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Syria, the Arctic, Ethiopia, Armenia and Mongolia. There’s about 40 countries on the list, but numbers are boring.

A love of adventure is what drives my journeys, and a love of writing is what drives this blog. I share stories, ideas, news and knowledge on the subject of modern-day bicycle travel. So if you’re just dipping a toe into the world of adventure cycling, or you’re planning a big trip and are looking for a voice of experience to help out, you’re probably in the right place.


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