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About Hiking Forward

Ever get the feeling you belong? You belong someplace, doing something, or with a particular group? Good! Wow I thought I was the only one. Many years ago I visited my first official National Park. The Smoky National Park and along with my family, fell in love with the park, the woods, the bears, the idea of that National Parks and felt that belonging to the outdoors that I once had as a scout and to hiking. For years as a youngster and young man in New England had always heard about the AT – Appalachian Trail – but finally got to set foot on it. Not only did I get to set my feet on the famed AT, but I did it atop Clingmans Dome the highest peak in the park and the highest peak on the AT that straddles North Carolina and Tennessee. An awesome experience. I think the wife thinks I am nuts. Maybe so.

Having stepped on the trail I have immersed myself into the idea of the National Parks, the AT, thru-hikes in general, other trails around the country and the works of the great John Muir. By no means an expert, I am beginning to collect some information online and in print to feed this internal hunger for information. This blog is a way for me to organize what I find and share the wealth and hopefully get some pointers along the way. Hope you find something useful here. I hope to soon get out to either accomplish the River to River Trail in southern Illinois from the Mississippi to the eastern border of Illinois to the Ohio River or a section hike in Wisconsin on the Ice Age Trail.

As a husband and a father of two young girls who also enjoy the outdoors, I hope to use this site to share the funny and interesting stories of our experiences out in the woods. Also, as we gear our girls up, I plan to share for other parents the reviews of our latest purchases for the girls and how well the gear holds up.


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