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About Hiking in Finland

I’m Hendrik Morkel, the author of Hiking in Finland. A European by heart I live since 2002 in Finland, though my parents are Dutch & German. I started this blog in the spring of 2009, after reading many interesting outdoor blogs and being inspired by them. Seeing that there was no blog about backpacking in Finland which is in English, I took the duty upon myself to present this beautiful country and show what it has to offer to backpackers, climbers, bike-packers, skiers and pack-rafters. You will read here about my adventures in Finland, Sweden, Norway and the rest of Europe, as well as gear reviews, videos and interviews.

Since 2010 I also write for various outdoor magazines. I’m a Gear Editor at trekking Magazine and contribute occasionally to NORR, two popular German-language outdoor magazines. I also write for English publications like Climb, Mountain Pro, Outdoor Enthusiast Retailer and Outdoor Enthusiast. I also have published my first book, a guide book about the Pirkan Taival Trail and am working on my second guide book.



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