Two-Heel Drive is one of the best hiking blogs on the web.


About Two-Heel Drive

Two-Heel Drive pairs my insatiable hunger to hike with my inexplicable urge to blog. I started my first blog long before the term existed; two or three blogs later I was in my mid-40s, hopelessly out of shape with a beer gut that would’ve done Tony Soprano proud. Then I moved to a little place in the hills east of San Jose, California, in the summer of 2004 and started walking around the neighborhood. One mile led to another, and one pound after another melted away.

By the autumn of 2005 I had hiked off more than 35 pounds and gotten back into Levis I hadn’t worn in 20 years. So it was high time to start another blog. Two-Heel Drive is the result.

I hiked just about everywhere worth hiking in the San Francisco Bay Area until the summer of 2009, when I moved to North Carolina and started working my way down a long list of must-trek trails. Two-Heel Drive chronicles all those hikes, plus the links, knowledge and cool people I’ve met along the way.


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