Updated on January 29, 2018

Are you heading to Baja California and looking for an adventure? Then this post is for you. You must know you are heading to the right place. The peninsula is long and narrow so you will never be far from the sea. As you can tell by this list, Baja is about getting out on the water. Although, the desert also offers some interesting opportunities for adventure.

We spent 2 months cycling and exploring the length of this peninsula. Here are some of the top adventures we did in Baja California along with a few that we are dying to go back to do.

Have you been on an adventure in Baja that’s not on this list? Share it with us by leaving a comment and we will consider adding it to the update of this post.




Espiritu Santo is an island is about 20 km from the city of La Paz. We spent a week kayaking around the Espiritu Santo on our own enjoying they beautiful desert island views and remote camping. From La Paz you can rent a kayak and paddle out across the channel and take your time exploring the island.





The Sea of Cortez is known as the aquarium of the world for a good reason, the diversity of marine life is unlike any other place in the world. What you are able to see is very dependent on the seasons. Near the main island of Espiritu Santo Island there is a sea lion colony called Los Islotes. Diving here is a real treat, especially for photographers. The sea lions are very curious and love to come check out where all those bubbles are coming from.




scuba diving socorro

Photo by Clifton Beard, licensed under CC BY

The Revillagigedo Islands are known as the Galapagos of Mexico because of the big animal encounters they provide. The archipelago is made up of 4 islands located 250 miles from Cabo San Lucas. They are home to 7 species of sharks: hammerheads, white tips, silver tips, silkies, duskies and the occasional tiger. Whale Sharks and Manta Rays can also sometimes be spotted.




big ocean creatures

Photo by Amos Nachoum, used through Big Animal Expeditions

If you are like me, you have a long list of big ocean creature experiences you want to have in your lifetime. If you dream of swimming along side a Great White shark then Guadalupe Island is the place for you. Off the coast of Ensenada in the northern region of Baja you can come face to face with the apex predator of the sea.





139159Cave painting Baja California

Photo by Alan Harper, licensed under CC BY

High in the remote regions of the peninsula’s Sierra de San Francisco lies one of the most outstanding collections of rock paintings in the world. From 100 B.C. to A.D. 1300, the sierra was home to a people who have now disappeared but left behind these paintings.

They are remarkably well-preserved because of the dry climate and the inaccessibility of the site. These paintings show human figures and many animal species. They illustrating the relationship between humans and their environment.





My 10 Favorite Places in Mexico

Every year between December to April Grey Whales migrate from the chilly waters of Alaska to the warm waters of Baja California. They take to the sheltered lagoons around the peninsula to give birth to their young. The pods will stay in the lagoons for months nursing the calves and mating until it’s time to make the journey back to Alaska.

There are four lagoons around the peninsula where you can spot the whales, Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Laguna San Ignacio, Scammon’s Lagoon and Magdalena Bay. Small groups of no more than 10 are taken out on the lagoon to see if the whales come near. What makes this wildlife encounter unique is that the Grey Whales are not shy. They actually crave attention from humans and are so curious that they even approach the boats. They love to be petted and some even come in for a kiss!


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  1. Megan | Traveling Nine to Fiver

    Some great adventures. I have to say the idea with getting close and personal with a great white isn’t on my to-do lists but the rest sound amazing. I really need to make it down to Baja and do some exploring. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Jennifer

    Great list for people looking for a rush. Too close for comfort for me with some of these beautiful creatures but what an experience!

  3. The Adventure Ahead

    We love our adventures! The animal encounters would be at the top of our list. We have done several such adventures in the past, and always really enjoy them. These look amazing – thanks for sharing!

    • Amanda Zeisset

      Thanks! The animal encounters are one of my favorite aspects as well. We have a friend working in La Paz and the other day he had the luck of swimming with orcas in the Sea of Cortez.

  4. Nomad Revelations

    This is such a beautiful destination. I want to go there! Places like Sea of Cortez and Revillagigedo Islands are amazing. As an artist, I love the Cave Painting in Sierra de San Francisco. Happy travels!

    • Amanda Zeisset

      I’m sure you would love it! Mexico in general is an exciting place for artists. You should definitely check it out.

  5. Lieurene Tran

    Great post! We are actually based in California near Los Angeles. Definitely need to make our way to Baja. Adding this to our bucket list! Thanks!

    • Amanda Zeisset

      I lived in Long Beach for 4 years and never made it across the border, such a mistake because this area of Mexico is very special. Hope you make it there one day.

    • Amanda Zeisset

      We keep saying we have to get back to Baja to kayak more of the Sea of Cortez. It’s truly beautiful. If you like paddling and wildlife encounters, it’s paradise.

  6. Alicia

    Wow, this looks so beautiful! Definitely one to add to the bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Vanessa

    Is it just me or is that shark smiling? I think he’s plotting his next meal!

    • Amanda Zeisset

      He does have a grin on his face. I interpreted it as hi there! want to be friends and go swimming together? but I suppose that’s because I’m a shark lover.

  8. Laura

    Wow! Great that you visited La Paz, I was living there and now I miss it so much. Now I am on the other side of the world, Poland, and I am looking for a bike to buy and, because I want someday to make a road trip across Poland in bike, I am now on your blog. That is because I am not entirely sure about what kind of bike I have to buy to be able to do this dream came true. Any idea?
    And that is true, South Baja California is an amazing place to be, live or visit.

    • Amanda Zeisset

      Yes, we love La Paz…we’d even like to go back to live for a month or two and explore more of the area. Funny you should mention you are looking at buying a bike because we just published this article yesterday: How To Choose A Touring Bike In 6 Easy Steps. Hope this helps! If you have anymore questions, just post it in the comments of the bike post.