Andes By Bike


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About Andes By Bike

After cycling in South America for a few months we realized that despite the many excellent cyclist blogs about the Andes, it was often difficult to find practical information about remote routes. Where we’d encounter water and be able to buy supplies, which way to turn at unsigned junctions, distances – these were the things we thought would be useful to know, but were failing to find. So for the last 12,000km or so we’ve taken route notes and GPS info to publish on this website. We hope you find the information useful for planning and touring in the Andes.

Most of the routes described are quiet, unpaved roads in remote areas, so while ‘Andes by Bike’ won’t tell you anything about the main road from Cusco to La Paz, or from Salta to La Quiaca, it will let you know what to expect if you cross Paso Sico, take the tracks from the Salar de Uyuni to Sajama, or pedal some high altitude routes between Arequipa and Abancay.


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