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About Cycling The 6

Like most decisions of great consequence my plan to cycle the length of six of the earth’s continents was made in a pub, beer in one hand, mini-atlas in the other. I was 29 years old when my plans turned to reality and I waved goodbye to my family and friends from outside St Thomas’ Hospital in London, where I worked as a medical doctor, and set off on my bicycle. That was in January 2010 – I have been pedaling ever since.

By January 2014, after four years of riding my bicycle around the world, I had racked up over 60,000 km in 47 countries – that’s a distance equivalent to one and a half times around the globe or 15 times across the USA, back to back. In my bid to cycle across six continents I have so far managed five – Europe, Africa (via the Middle East), South America, Central and North America, and Australia. I have one more to go – Asia. I hope to be back in that London pub some time in early 2016 after six years on the road.

During my ride I have visited remote medical clinics with an aim of finding out about, and promoting, the global effort to eradicate the Neglected Tropical Diseases. I have also raised more than 20,000 pounds for the Medical NGO Merlin. The fundraising effort ceased when they merged with another NGO in 2013.

I aim to tell my story in the most engaging way I can, so as well as being a medical doctor and an adventure cyclist I’m also a freelance writer, an ardent though very amateur photographer (video and stills), a progressively less bashful public speaker (and sometimes I even moonlight as a DJ.)


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