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About Cycling Dutch Girl

Hi! I’m Mirjam. Born in the Netherlands I grew up cycling. As a kid we (Mum, Dad & three sisters) went on bike-holidays. We had no car. I love to move. Walked off as a toddler to be found by a nice lady who gave me ice-cream (and rang my mum who hadn’t yet missed me). Hiked to Luxembourg at 17. In 2001, after a failed attemped to study I decided to ‘take a holiday‘ before going to Uni. And then forgot to return.

Starting out in Ireland I was in complete awe of the fascinating travel stories I heard from many backpackers. I had no idea! So I got a backpack and hitch-hiked around Europe. In 2003 I picked up a bicycle and cycled to Morrocco. That was it. Hooked on Freedom. The rest of Europe followed, as you can see. 10 years later I’m still happily rolling along.

 My gear has changed and updated over the years. From everything 2nd hand and as cheap as possible to pretty flash with a couple of sponsors on board. I’ve gone through 7 rackety old bikes, some with, some without gears until in 2009 Multicycle offered me a bike of theirs!

I have been extremely lucky and am still happy everyday because without bike-break-down-worries I can get different places and slightly more remote. As I did when I cycled the dirt-roads of outback Australia. One of many highlights!

 Nothing can stop me now! When I am tired I sleep, When I am Hungry I eat, When I need money I work. Easy.  


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