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About Cycling The Globe

Born in Denmark, I was put on a bicycle almost before I could walk. I have loved to cycle ever since. It had something to do with the freedom of movement, being out in the open air, and having the opportunity to let the thoughts run free.

Later in life I discovered a passion for travelling. It was soon clear that combining cycling and travelling would make up a perfect match. On a bicycle you experience the environment you travel through first-hand; the ever changing landscapes, the hills, the weather, the food, the way people react when they see you.

On a bicycle you have the freedom to decide when and where to go – no more waiting hours for the bus that never arrives. There is no ticket to be paid, and the impact on the environment is minimal. There is no doubt in my mind that the bicycle is the best way to travel.

Cycling the Globe is a journey of discovery, both internally and externally. There is an element of adventure, of getting closer to the limits, of exploring what I’m capable of. But perhaps more importantly I just want to observe. I often feel that the media prints a disturbed picture of the world. I prefer to see things with my own eyes before making any judgments. The ultimate thing would be to discover that the world is inhabited by good people.

Finally, this is simply my dream, and we should all follow our dreams.


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