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About Cycling About

We set off in 2012 to ride from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to Melbourne (Australia) to find out if the world is indeed as big as we’ve heard.

During our 31,000kms of bike travel, we learned that people make the world go ’round: it is always the people who make a place, who change our perceptions and who open our hearts and eyes. We have had the most incredible travel experiences in the dullest of places.

We have also learned that the world is much bigger than it looks but that no matter how different its people look, act or cook; we humans are all fundamentally the same. And that is AMAZING!

We film, talk at schools, are guest speakers at events and of course keep this website up to date. The aim of making our life public is to ultimately INSPIRE others to give it a go, but if that isn’t realistic we know we can change peoples perceptions and perspectives about the world through our experiences.


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