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About That Emily Chappell

Hello – I’m Emily. I like bikes. A lot.

I spent 2011-13 cycling across Asia, from Wales to Japan. In February 2014 I cycled across Iceland. I’ll be spending the first three months of 2015 cycling from Anchorage to Seattle, and this summer I’ll be competing in the Transcontinental Race, aiming to get from Belgium to Istanbul in about 15 days.

In between my adventures, I work as a cycle courier in London, England. I used to blog about it as That Messenger Chick. I’ve never enjoyed a job so much, or stuck with it so long, but there’s very little career development in couriering, so I’m delighted to have found other ways of cycling and writing full-time. (Luckily, I never wanted to be rich.)

My first book will be published by Guardian Faber in early 2016. Until then you can read my stuff on the Guardian Bike Blog, on Moving Target (the world’s longest-running courier ‘zine …probably), Slow Quest and Alastair Humphreys, and in Oh Comely, Coven, Boneshaker and The Ride Journal. Occasionally I think I should write about something other than cycling. If you’d like me to contribute to your magazine or blog, get in touch and we’ll see if we can work something out.

I also do some (less glamourous) copywriting and editing, to keep body and soul and bank balance together, and have a background in academia that I don’t often admit to.

My hobbies (when not riding, breaking, fixing or talking about bikes) mostly revolve around food and books. I constantly fantasize about taking up new sports, but spend too much time cycling to have any spare energy. I also like making friends, so drop me a line if you fancy a chat, and particularly if you live along my route, and want to offer me dinner and a hot shower.


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