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About Free Wheeling France

Hi! I’m Lyn (that’s one of my mini-cyclists and my better half above), and I run Freewheeling France. It’s an independent site covering anything and everything to do with cycling in France. It started as a spare-time labour of love; a blog idea that got a little out of hand and took on a life of its own. It’s still largely a spare-time project, and made possible thanks to the support of all the cyclists out there who send in ride reports, suggestions and feedback resulting from their own cycling adventures in France. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome via

In ‘real’ life I’m a freelance journalist, editor and web producer based in rural south-west France, and I work for various newspapers, magazines and websites around the world. I have two mini-cyclists and one husband, and he clocks up many more miles (and rides much faster) than I do each week.


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