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About Life in Travel

Life in Travel takes shape from the desire to travel of two crazy adventure lovers… is a site created to tell friends and family the emotions of a year in Australia and has evolved over time into a container full of our passions: Travel, Mountain, photography, mountain biking and much more … stories, tips, itineraries and guides to share what we love: to live the life!

Below you’ll find some words trying to tell who we are and what we love to do: these biographies are not exhaustive but will make you understand who you’re dealing with, if you want to know more you just need to follow Life in Travel or, more simply, contact us… we will try to answer your curiosity! Just one thing: we are Italians and you know… italians are awful in English, so we apologize if we make some mistakes but desire to transfer our enthusiasm prevailed over fear of being defeated by the grammar. Oh well, you’re already bored, so let’s get into it: here are two lines about the creators and managers of this crazy dream that it is a “life on the road”


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