The Path Less Pedaled


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About The Path Less Pedaled

In March 2009, we made a bold decision. As we rambled across Joshua Tree National Park, reveling in the expansive vistas, we couldn’t help but wonder… “what if we just kept riding?” Four months later, we had sold everything we owned, said goodbye to our friends, relinquished our apartment… and pedaled off toward the horizon.

On the road, we learned about simplicity and serendipity. We learned how to free camp in the desert and stay warm in sub-freezing temperatures. We learned that we have a lot more in common with strangers that we previously believed, and that being on a bicycle breaks down a lot of the usual barriers. Most surprisingly, after 3 years and 18,000 miles of continuous travel, we learned that the humble bicycle has the power to revitalize small towns and bring people together.

Bicycle travel is a family vacation and a rural economic development tool; it has the power to enrich our personal lives and the well-being of our communities.

As we move away from continuous travel, we’re using our skills in storytelling, speaking, photography, and videography to change the conversation about bicycle tourism. We’re working with small towns who want to develop their existing assets to attract cyclists. We’re working with tourism organizations who want to understand the potential of this untapped market. We’re working with advocates who want to demonstrate that cycling is a powerful and positive change agent.


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