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About PushBikeGirl

Born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1972 I grew up in a small town called Großsachsen.

From an early age on, I was one of the Pippi Longstockings of this planet, no barrier too high and no way too far.

At the age of six, I already wanted to go to Australia, but I needed to wait another 13 years to fulfil my biggest dream. From that moment on I was bitten by the travel bug. I’ve been to over 80 countries so far and still haven’t seen enough. There is this constant desire to see more, and at the end see it all.

The other half of my life revolves around sport. I used to play handball and tennis, I did judo, MTB, trekking and sport climbing. And of course tour biking.

But what I like most is being away from it all. It needs to be quiet and peaceful, a campfire, nature, millions of stars, a bite to eat (I am always hungry), a nice person to talk to, my bike, my tent and a big adventure ahead of me.

Curiosity is pushing me into this world .. but my roots may eventually lead me back home.


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