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About While Out Riding

I began While Out Riding as a blog, charting a bike journey south from Prudoe Bay, Alaska, through the American backcountry – along quiet backroads and dirt trails where possible.

When I left Alaska in the summer of 2009, I wasn’t sure where I’d end up; life has a habit of slotting into place when I’m on my bike, so I figured I’d let it take its shape. I’ve always enjoyed bike touring for this very reason: everyday living becomes more straightforward, funnelled through the simple act of spinning pedals. A bicycle is minimal and uncomplicated, so it’s fitting that riding is the perfect mind and body de-clutterer. The blog was a way of recording this extended journey for friends and family, and a chance to process everything I was seeing and experiencing.

Come 2013, I was still pedalling, and While Out Riding had grown into a website, built around the same blog – but with plenty of added extras, like gear reviews, packlists, Q&As, a gallery, route notes and more. By this time, I had made it to Huaraz, Peru. After a year in New Mexico with my son, I resumed my journey, this time cycling north from Patagonia to meet myself in Peru once more, finally bringing this convoluted journey to a close in September 2014.


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