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About Shane Cycles

Solo adventure cyclist (part time) :  After the extreme trips in recent years where I’ve lived adventure to the bone and cycled/camped in all weather from -50 to +50, touring over 30,000km on 4 continents. Its time to take a step back towards “normal” life. For the coming years I plan to work on my career, new business and all those other boring things  we’re supposed to do in life.

Hopefully with some short holidays in Europe, weekend escapes and 5,000km of cycle commuting per year I can still keep my sanity.

The last 5 years have been a blast. They’ve been the most fun and rewarding years of my life. I’ve met some amazing people and got to know myself, our world and the wonderful people that live in it much better. I’m happy to say I’m the only person I know who has cleaned out their bucket list and much, much more. But at the moment I no longer get a warm glow from trip planning, its starting to feel more like running away than a magical adventure so its obviously time to slow things down for a while. Thanks everyone for your interest and support in my life’s journey, and I hope yours can be just as rewarding.


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