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About Tasting Travels

We are Annika Wachter (26) from Germany and Roberto Gallegos (29) from Mexico. We are founders of Tasting Travels, a project that seeks to promote “Bicycle Travel as a Model to Cultivate Empathy”.
We are currently travelling by bicycle and promoting this idea along the way. We would like to share the wonders of bike travel with the world and help other people to plan their own. We do this by writing about our experiences in our blog, posting articles about people, places and their culture in our website and giving live presentations in schools. We are moved by the strong believe that bike travel is an excellent way to cultivate empathy in our world, not only towards human beings but to other living species. We hope you have fun browsing through our site and we will be happy to hear from you. We look forward to receiving your questions and reading your comments. We are at your service.


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