Universe With Me


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About Universe With Me

I am a young South Korean female. I love to look at the night sky, read books and take pictures. I love myself. I also enjoy everything about astronomy (the night sky, shooting stars, the sun and moon, galaxies, NASA, etc.), nature (trees, animals, the rain, the sun), people (especially people smiling and laughing), camping, traveling, and much more!

While I was in Yellowknife, Canada, I saw the Northern Lights . The experience inspired me so much that I wanted to hitchhike and see the universe. But I changed my mind and decided first to see more of this world.

I had a working holiday visa in Canada during one year. So I made money in Canada. Although I didn’t have enough money to begin an extensive journey, I couldn’t wait any longer because I believed money doesn’t matter. So I just began my journey.


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