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About The World By Bike

Many dreams could come true if we only would believe in them.

Around the world on a bicycle is a project that has as target to cross the five continents travelling through more than 100 countries. It has the final goal to document the different cultures and their ways of life.

Biking around the world not only does it imply to keep fit and go out to the road to bike as many kilometers per day as you can. Starting a travel like this obliges me to plan every future stage carefully, find out about the current condition of the roads and their dangers, the most interesting places to visit and, of course, the way to find economical resources to go on.

We believe we provide an interesting perspective of the different cultures because of the real approach I achieve with people, which allows us to have another point of view about the visited places and the covered roads to reach them.

Pedaling I enter in the heart of each town, of each country, of their people. So, I discover the simplest things in life, but in a more intensive way.

For all who have dreams in this world and feel it is possible to come them true… there we go.


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