Updated on October 12, 2020

Keeping your eyes on your climber is of utmost importance, but it can quickly get uncomfortable as a belayer. If you’re climbing a lot or belaying someone on their project, your neck will definitely start to feel it. Belay glasses can save your neck, but how do you know which pair to choose? Here at The Adventure Junkies, we’ll help you find the best belay glasses for you and those long days at the crag.

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Quick Answer - The Best Belay Glasses

  1. Metolius Upshot
  2. Y&Y Vertical Classic
  3. Crush Climbing Crush Vision
  4. BG Climbing
  5. NiceClimbs
  6. Y&Y Vertical Plasfun
  7. Y&Y Vertical Clip Up
  8. Belay Specs


Comparison Table - Best Belay Glasses

PictureNameFrame MaterialAccessoriesPriceRating
Metolius UpshotPlasticHard Case w/ Carabiner, Lanyard, Lens Cloth$$5.0
Y&Y Vertical ClassicMetalHard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth, Replacement Nose Pads$$$4.6
BelagglesPlasticHard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth$$4.4
Crush Climbing Crush VisionMetalHard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth, Climbing Training eBook$$4.7
BG ClimbingPlasticHard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth$4.6
NiceClimbsPlasticHard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth$4.5
Y&Y Vertical PlasfunPlasticHard Case w/ Carabiner, Lanyard, Lens Cloth, Extra Screws$$4.5
EPIC PEAKPlasticHard Case & Lanyard$4.1
Y&Y Vertical Clip UpPlasticHard Case w/ Carabiner, Lens Cloth, Silicone Ear Hooks$$4.1
Belay SpecsMetalHard Case & Lanyard$4.2
PictureNameFrame MaterialAccessoriesPriceRating
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Reviews - The Best Glasses for Belaying

Metolius Upshot

  • Accessories: Hard Case w/ Carabiner, Lanyard, Lens Cloth
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • High Field Of Vision
  • Low-profile Nose Pads So You Can Wear With Other Glasses
  • Streamlined Sport-Style Temples For Comfort


The Metolius Upshot belay glasses have been tried, tested, and improved from their original design, and now provide a wide field of vision to see your climber while being aware of your surroundings. The prisms aim high on the wall so your neck doesn’t have to, and your peripheral vision is not obscured.

The nose pads on the Upshot belay glasses are low-profile, which allows you to wear these specs while also wearing your own prescription glasses or sunglasses. The Upshot also comes with a zippered hard case for safe storage in your pack, as well as a lanyard to easily keep them handy around your neck.

Y&Y Vertical Classic

  • Accessories: Hard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth, Replacement Nose Pads
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Frame And Nose Pads Are Adjustable For A Custom Fit
  • Thin Metal Frame Doesn’t Impede Vision
  • Carrying Case Has Both Zipper & Velcro Closure For Ease Of Transport


The Y&Y Vertical Classic are high-quality belay glasses with a number of thoughtfully designed features that come with a higher price tag than more basic glasses. The light metal frames are adjustable to fit your face shape in a comfortable way, and the thin frames also don’t block your vision and make it easy to see your surroundings.

The Y&Y Vertical Classic come with a number of accessories, including a lanyard for keeping the glasses with you when you’re not wearing them, as well as a hard carrying case. The case has a zipper and a velcro closure, which is handy for when you want to keep the glasses protected but easily accessible. Plus, the case comes with a small carabiner to clip to your harness or pack.


  • Accessories: Hard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Rigid Frames Make Glasses Easy To Use One-handed
  • Large Prisms Offer A Wide Field Of Vision
  • Frame Is Designed To Protect Lenses When You Set Glasses Down


The Belaggles are a solid pair of belay glasses that will stand up to heavy use at the crag or the gym. The rigid plastic frames are designed to protect the lenses from scratching when you set the glasses down between climbs. The rigidness also makes the glasses easy to put on one-handed, which is very important since you usually don’t want to put on your belay glasses until your climber is partially up the wall.

One drawback to the rigidness of the frames is that they aren’t adjustable, so the Belaggles might not be the best fitting glasses for some people. Also, they can be bulky to wear with other glasses or sunglasses.

Crush Climbing Crush Vision

  • Accessories: Hard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth, Climbing Training eBook
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Lightweight Metal Frame
  • Scratch-Resistant Prisms
  • Included Lanyard & Carrying Case w/ Carabiner


Crush Climbing Crush Vision are made of lightweight, durable metal so you hardly feel them on your face, and you won’t be distracted while watching your climber try hard. The prisms are scratch-resistant so they can handle the dirt, dust, and rocks that comprise the environment of climbing outside. The included hard case (with a carabiner), lens cloth, and lanyard also help protect these glasses.

Crush Climbing also provides a climbing training eBook with these belay glasses, so you can not only become a better belayer but also improve your own climbing and start sending harder.

BG Climbing

  • Accessories: Hard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Can Be Worn With Other Glasses & Sunglasses
  • Thin Frame Doesn’t Block Field Of View
  • Lightweight Plastic Frame Is Comfortable


The BG Climbing Belay Glasses are an inexpensive pair of belay glasses that still get the job done. The plastic frame is thin and lightweight, though it isn’t adjustable, so it might not fit everyone. It does allow for a good field of view and peripheral vision though. The frames are also able to be worn along with other glasses and sunglasses.

Even though they don’t cost much, the BG Climbing Belay Glasses do come with a zippered case and a lanyard to carry the glasses around easily. These glasses might not be the most durable, but the price still makes them a good choice to try out as a first pair of belay glasses.


  • Accessories: Hard Case, Lanyard, Lens Cloth
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lightweight Yet Durable Plastic Frame
  • Can Be Worn With Other Glasses
  • Comes With Zippered Case & Lanyard


Gneiss NiceClimbs Rock Climbing Belay Glasses perform well at an excellent price point. The plastic frame is lightweight and comfortable, although it could fit a little tightly on larger heads. The frames doesn’t obstruct your peripheral vision, making it simple for you to switch focus from your climber to quickly glance around you to check the rope and possible hazards in your surroundings.

Along with the Gneiss Belay Glasses, you receive a hard plastic zippered case to keep the glasses safe and protected in your pack. They also come with a lanyard to keep your glasses around your neck so you have them right there whenever you need them.

Y&Y Vertical Plasfun

  • Accessories: Hard Case w/ Carabiner, Lanyard, Lens Cloth, Extra Screws
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Sturdy Plastic Frames
  • Good Field Of Vision And Unimpeded Peripheral View
  • Variety Of Color Choices


The Y&Y Vertical Plasfun are a well-crafted pair of belay glasses that come in a variety of colors, so you can sport your personal style at the crag or in the gym. The plastic frames are lightweight and extremely comfortable, and they are thin enough to stay out of the way of your peripheral vision so you can stay aware of your surroundings while you keep your eyes on your climber.

Y&Y includes a few great accessories for the Plasfun belay glasses. They come with a case that has both a zipper and a velcro closure, plus a carabiner for easy carrying. They also include a lanyard, microfiber cloth to keep the lenses clean, and replacement screws, so these glasses will last.


  • Accessories: Hard Case & Lanyard
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Durable Plastic Frame
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Included Carrying Case & Neck Strap


The Epic Peak Belay Glasses make a good first pair of belay glasses. You can try them out to see if they work for you without a high initial investment, then decide if you want to upgrade. The plastic frame is simple, durable, and comfortable, and they come with a carrying case and a lanyard.

One drawback to the Epic Peak Belay Glasses is the field of vision. The angle and small prisms do not provide the same wide view that many other glasses offer, which might cause you to still crane your neck to some extent.

Y&Y Vertical Clip Up

  • Accessories: Hard Case w/ Carabiner, Lens Cloth, Silicone Ear Hooks
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Attaches To Another Pair Of Glasses
  • Large Prisms Offer Wide Field Of Vision
  • Can Flip Up Out Of The Way When Not In Use


The Y&Y Vertical Clip-Up Belay Glasses are a unique pair of belay glasses that are not meant to be worn on their own, but rather clipped to another pair of glasses, making them ideal for those people who always wear prescription lenses. They are designed to clip to your glasses, then can be flipped up out of the way when you don’t need them, thanks to a handy hinge mechanism.

The Vertical Clip-Up features Y&Y’s extra wide angle prisms which give you a fantastic field of vision when you’re watching your climber, yet still allow you to stay aware of your surroundings.

Belay Specs

  • Accessories: Hard Case & Lanyard
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Adjustable Metal Frame
  • Lightweight
  • Large Frames & Prisms


Belay Specs are a good pair of belay glasses for a great price. They have a lightweight metal frame which can be adjusted to fit your face shape, and the frames are large enough to accommodate most people and can be worn with other glasses. The prisms are also large to provide a wide field of view of your climber.

Belay Specs come with a carrying case as well as a lanyard, so they are easy to transport. You can take them off yet keep them handy so you don’t lose them between climbs.




Belay glasses are a great tool, but they do take some getting used to. Before you start belaying with a pair, try them out so you get used to your field of vision. It’s usually still best to look directly at your climber for the first few clips, then put on the belay glasses once they get higher, so belay glasses that have a neck strap can be helpful. Here are some tips for when to use belay glasses, and how to use them properly.


The sizes of the prisms vary between belay glasses. A larger prism will give you a greater field of vision, which is ideal for watching your climber. However, a smaller prism will allow you to see around the lens, which is useful for keeping an eye on what is in your peripheral vision, especially when you need to move around to belay.



The whole point of belay glasses is to provide comfort by relieving neck strain, so the belay glasses you choose should be comfortable, too. Glasses that have adjustable metal frames can fit most face shapes comfortably, while plastic frames might fit certain people well, but be less comfortable for others.



If you wear prescription glasses for your vision – or often wear sunglasses at the crag – it’s important that your belay glasses work with your other glasses. Some belay glasses are designed to be compatible to wear over other glasses, which works, although it can feel a little clunky. The Y&Y Clip Up can only be worn by being clipped to another pair of glasses, so they are a great choice for those who wear glasses all the time.





Either plastic, which is rigid, or metal, which is more flexible and adjustable.


The lenses of the glasses which are angled upward to reflect and see the climber on the wall.


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