Updated on September 22, 2020

The right snowboarding boots can take your riding to the next level, especially if you plan to lap the park this upcoming season. Instead of spending money on a new board, a new pair of boots may be exactly what you need. Even the slightest gap between toe and boot can be uncomfortable and restricting. The best pair of freestyle snowboarding boots are typically soft and flexible, which makes riding more controlled.

Boots vary greatly from one pair to the next. Stiff boots will give you much more control, for example, while flexible boots are more comfortable and forgiving. Buying the best freestyle snowboard boots will make you a better snowboarder for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, you’ll simply want to spend more time on the mountain. Second, their light weight makes it easier to jump higher, twist faster, and butter deeper. If your boots aren’t ideal, you should consider buying a new pair this season instead of upgrading other parts of your gear. This article features the five best freestyle snowboard boots for the 2019/2020 season.

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Quick Answer - The Best Freestyle Snowboard Boots

  1. thirtytwo STW Boa
  2. Salomon Dialogue Focus Boa
  3. Burton Moto Boa
  4. Vans Hi-Standard OG
  5. Head Rodeo


Comparison Table - Best Freestyle Snowboard Boots

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thirtytwo STW BoaSoft6-10 (.5 available) - Women's, 8-13 (.5 available) Men'sMultiple $$4.6Read Review
Salomon Dialogue Focus BoaSoft6-9.5 (.5 available) Women's, 8-12 (.5 available) Men'sBlack$$$4.9Read Review
Burton Moto BoaSoft5-11 (.5 available) Women's, 7-14 (.5 available) Men'sMultiple$$4.7Read Review
Vans Hi-Standard OGSoft5-9.5 (.5 available) Women's, 7-13 (.5 available) Men'sMultiple$$4.8Read Review
Head RodeoSoft/Medium8.5 - 13.5 (.5 available)Black$4.3Read Review
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Reviews - The Best Freestyle Boots for Snowboarding

thirtytwo STW Boa

View Women's Version
  • Color: Multiple
  • Flex: Soft
  • Size: 6-10 (.5 available) - Women's, 8-13 (.5 available) Men's
  • Boot Liner: Dual-Density Intuition Foam
  • Boot Lacing System: Ratcheting Cable Lace
  • Moldable Liner: Custom Moldable
  • Internal Lacing Locks Foot Into Place
  • 3D Molded Tongues For Comfort And Flex
  • Evolution Foam Absorbs Shock For Smooth Landing


ThirtyTwo has proven itself season after season with their snowboarding boots. Their custom moldable liners are some of the best liners out there and can be transferred from boot to boot. Not only can you mold the sole and toe, but the tongue can also be molded. These boots are very comfortable. They snuggle your foot all day long. The STW’s also perform better than other freestyle boots outside of the park. Simply put, you will fall in love with these boots.

Salomon Dialogue Focus Boa

View Women's Version
  • Color: Black
  • Flex: Soft
  • Size: 6-9.5 (.5 available) Women's, 8-12 (.5 available) Men's
  • Boot Liner: Polyester/ Foam
  • Boot Lacing System: Ratcheting Cable Lace
  • Moldable Liner: Custom Moldable
  • Fit-to-ride For Out Of The Box Comfort And Instant Mountain Access
  • Fully Heat-moldable Liners And Insoles
  • Glue-free Construction Makes Boots Easy To Wash And Dry
  • Patented Heel Cage Ensures Durability And Maximum Flex
  • Cat Tongue Material Locks Socks And Heel Into Place


These boots are the most expensive on this list for good reason – they are comfortable and they perform exceptionally well. These boots are efficient and convenient, coming to you already broken in, ready to slip on and hit the park. Salomon is always innovating their boots, and this year they really nailed it. These boots feature their patented heel cage, which expert freestyle riders love. The heel cage keeps your heel suctioned into the boot so your foot won’t slide down and your toes won’t get jammed into the toe of the boot while you ride. These boots won’t turn you into a pro alone, but if you want to take your skills to the next level they will help you do just that.

Burton Moto Boa

View Women's Version
  • Color: Multiple
  • Flex: Soft
  • Size: 5-11 (.5 available) Women's, 7-14 (.5 available) Men's
  • Boot Liner: Heat Moldable UVA
  • Boot Lacing System: Ratcheting Cable Lace
  • Moldable Liner: Thermoformable
  • DynoLITE Outsoles With Heat-Reflective Foil For All-Day Heating
  • Soft Tongue For Forgiving Comfort and Mobility
  • Snowproof Internal Waterproof Protection
  • Patented Internal Lacing For Comfortable, Secure fit


While freestyle snowboarding is typically done in the park, the best Freeriding is found in the backcountry. Do you build backcountry booters or other features to play around on in your snowy oasis? Well, these boots and their protection are just for you. Unlike other boots, they have waterproof protection.  Nothing ruins a day more than getting snow in your boots. They also fit tight without constriction, which means comfort for you. You really can’t go wrong with these boots this winter.

Vans Hi-Standard OG

View Women's Version
  • Color: Multiple
  • Flex: Soft
  • Size: 5-9.5 (.5 available) Women's, 7-13 (.5 available) Men's
  • Boot Liner: V1 Ultra Cushion
  • Boot Lacing System: Traditional Lace
  • Moldable Liner: Custom Moldable
  • V1 Ultracush Liners For Comfort, Support, And Maneuverability
  • Lightest Liners Available For Playfulness
  • Patented Pleasure Cuff Delivers For Calf Support
  • Ultracush Footbed With Dampening Effect For Stomping Tricks
Vans Hi Standard OG


Vans shoes are a staple in the skate community. Now, they are making snowboard boots that perform just as well as their skate shoes. These boots outperform others in the comfort category. Vans technology promises to lock your foot into place from the beginning of the day until the end. If you usually find yourself with a new blister at the end of each day on the slopes, these boots may solve all your problems. The best part of these boots, though, is their swag. They look good and come in a few different color combinations. If you want to look fresh on the mountain, these boots will take your swag to the next level.

Head Rodeo

  • Color: Black
  • Flex: Soft/Medium
  • Size: 8.5 - 13.5 (.5 available)
  • Boot Liner: Polyester/ Foam
  • Boot Lacing System: Ratcheting Cable Lace
  • Moldable Liner: Thermoformable
  • Trace Sole For Stomp Dampening And Stability
  • Unisex Style And Fit Makes Boots Easy To Share
  • Organic Fabric Treatment To Reduce Odor
  • Easy Entry Technology Facilitates Putting Your Boots On And Taking Them Off


If you’re buying your first pair of snowboarding boots, the Head Rodeo boots may be exactly what you are looking for. These boots are more all-mountain boots because they are a bit stiffer than other boots on the list. These boots are unisex, which will give them much more life on the mountain. These boots don’t do anything exceptionally well, but they are an all-around performer. The fact that the boots are so simple in their style and fit makes them super easy to pass on to your friends. Finally, if you’re a beginner, you will love how simple these boots are. They slide on easily and will stay comfortable all day long. What more could you ask for?





The way your boots flex correlates to responsiveness and comfort. Boots with a light amount of flex are harder to navigate than stiff boots, but they are much more forgiving on landings and twists. Freestyle boots typically feature a softer flex than all-mountain or freeriding boots.



The right laces will prevent your foot from blistering. Most boots in this article feature the Ratcheting Cable Lace, often referred to as the BOA Fit System. There are two different cables that attach to dials on your boots. These dials can be adjusted easily, which means you can keep your gloves on and adjust your boots.



Polyester and foam liners aren’t as warm or comfortable as UVA liners. That being said, they still perform well on the mountain.



Moldable liner technology has really changed snowboarding boot comfort. Therformoldable liners use heat from your foot to mold around your foot after a few days on the mountain. Custom Moldable liners require a special machine to be molded around your foot. The machine can be found in most snowboarding shops.



Fortunately for you, all of the boots in this article come in .5 sizes. If you buy online, check the return policy beforehand. Nothing is worse than having to wear three pairs of socks so your boots fit.





These boots will arrive already broken in. Paired with moldable liners, you’ll be ready to snowboard with maximum comfort right away.


A heel cage will really lock your foot into place. This means fewer blisters and more maneuverability.


If you send lines harder than most, you may want boots with this feature. No matter how deep the pow is, your foot will remain dry.


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