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Are you going to be on the mountain for more than 10 days this year? If so, do yourself and your feet a favor — invest in a pair of the best snowboard socks you can buy. Happy feet mean more comfortable days on the mountain. Nothing is worse than watching your friends leave with their gear while you nurse yesterday’s blister.

However, finding the right pair of socks can be a challenge. Most snowboarders have their own personal preferences. You may need to shop around a bit to see what works best for you until you settle on the perfect pair. Once you find a match, you’ll never leave home without them. Socks may seem like such a simple thing, but they’re more complicated than you might think. This article simplifies all the technical terminology for you so that instead of classic trial and error, you’ll be able to find a pair in this article that you know will work for you. If you’re lucky, you may even snag a pair on sale!

Disclaimer: We dive deep into the technical aspects of socks! If you’re confused on a certain feature, see the bottom of the article. There, I will explain the terms used throughout this article.

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Quick Answer - The Best Snowboarding Socks

  1. Hotronic XLP PFI 50 Heat
  2. Smartwool PhD Ski
  3. Burton Performance
  4. Darn Tough Function 5
  5. Darn Tough Outer Limits
  6. Burton Weekend
  7. Smartwool PhD Pro Free
  8. Pure Athlete
  9. Stance OG Snow Merino


Comparison Table - Best Snowboarding Socks

Hotronic XLP PFI 50 HeatKnee-HighNoneUnisexS, M, L, XL$$$4.6
Smartwool PhD SkiKnee-HighMediumMen's, Women'sS, M, L, and XL (Men's), S, M, and L (Women's)$$4.5
Burton PerformanceCrewMediumMens, Women'sM and L (Men's), S/M and M/L (Women's)$$4.8
Darn Tough Function 5Knee-HighMediumMens, Women'sM, L, and XL (Men's), S, M, and L (Women's)$$4.6
Darn Tough Outer LimitsKnee-HighLightMens, Women'sM, L, and XL (Men's), S, M, and L (Women's)$$$4.8
Burton WeekendCalf-HighMediumMens, Women'sS/M, M/L$$4.3
Smartwool PhD Pro FreeKnee-HighLightMens, Women'sM and L (Men's), S and M (Women's)$$4.8
Pure AthleteKnee-HighMediumUnisexS, M, and L$4.3
Stance OG Snow MerinoKnee-HighHeavyMens and Women'sM and L (Men's), S and M (Women's)$$4.2
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Reviews - The Best Socks for Snowboarding

Hotronic XLP PFI 50 Heat

  • Material: 74% nylon/20% elastane/6% merino wool
  • Color: Black
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Length: Knee-High
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Cushioning: None
  • Combine With Battery-powered Feet Heating System
  • Compression Fit Helps with Muscle Recovery
  • No Cushioning Necessary With Heating Element


Have you tried everything, but your feet still won’t stay warm on the mountain? These socks might just be the solution for you. Sold separately is a special battery that plugs into the sock, which has an attached heating element. The element wraps around your entire foot, keeping your feet warm the entire day. That’s why these socks don’t require any cushioning! Some may find wires underneath their feet unbearable, but if you only care about keeping your numb toes warm, these socks are an innovative solution.

Smartwool PhD Ski

View Women's Version
  • Material: 62% merino wool/36% nylon/2% elastane
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Gender: Men's, Women's
  • Length: Knee-High
  • Size: S, M, L, and XL (Men's), S, M, and L (Women's)
  • Cushioning: Medium
  • Elite Fit System Flexes at Multiple Points
  • Elastic for Non-Slip, Blister Preventing Fit
  • Seamless Toe Prevents Chafing, Blisters, and Sock Adjustments
  • Precision Placed Vents for Breathability


The Phd Medium is a solid performer for athletes who want to use their socks in the summer as well as during the cold months on the mountain. Smartwool’s socks are very breathable. So your feet won’t be sweating like crazy if you use these socks in the summer as well. They are also very comfortable in snowboard and ski boots. Elastic in the sock really locks it in place on your foot, keeping your feet safe from blisters and also extending the lifetime of your socks. If you’ve had success with Smartwool products in the past, these will be a great sock to add to your arsenal.

Burton Performance

View Women's Version
  • Material: 38% nylon/30% acrylic/30% merino wool/2% elastane
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Gender: Mens, Women's
  • Length: Crew
  • Size: M and L (Men's), S/M and M/L (Women's)
  • Cushioning: Medium
  • Dryride Toe Panels for Ventilation
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric for Quick Drying
  • Sock Lock Keeps The Socks In Place On Your Foot For Blister Prevention and Ultimate Control


Do your socks develop holes easily? It may not be the material, but instead, your socks are shifting while you are riding, causing them to wear down faster than usual. Burton has solved this problem with their Sock Lock technology. Once you put your socks on, they will stay put. This sock also has incredible moisture defense, in case your feet sweat a bunch or you get snow in your boot.

Darn Tough Function 5

View Women's Version
  • Material: 66% merino wool/31% nylon/3% Lycra spandex
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Gender: Mens, Women's
  • Length: Knee-High
  • Size: M, L, and XL (Men's), S, M, and L (Women's)
  • Cushioning: Medium
  • High-Density Padding Placed Along Shin and Underfoot For Maximum Comfort
  • Antimicrobial Properties Prevent Odor and Moisture Trapping So You Won’t Get Blisters
  • Covered by a Darn Tough Lifetime Warranty
  • Five Precision Located Comfort Pads Keep Your Feet Cozy And Comfortable All Day Long


Darn Tough has made a recent, powerful arrival in the sock industry. Each product they make is made for the function it’s meant to serve. These socks? Well, they were designed with you in mind. With the Function 5 model, their goal was to create a sock that is the “perfect fusion between boot and sock.” They did just that. These socks are very comfortable. Darn Tough struck a balance between medium cushion and light cushion on sensitive areas. Your feet will be locked into your boots, and given a bit of wiggle room, your toes will stay warm all day long. Plus your pair will come covered by their lifetime warranty. Socks develop a hole? Send them back and receive another pair in the mail a few weeks later.

Darn Tough Outer Limits

View Women's Version
  • Material: 56% nylon/41% merino wool/3% Lycra spandex
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Gender: Mens, Women's
  • Length: Knee-High
  • Size: M, L, and XL (Men's), S, M, and L (Women's)
  • Cushioning: Light
  • Fine Knitting for Maximum Comfort and Quality Fit
  • Antimicrobial Properties Keep Your Feet Feeling And Smelling Fresh
  • Nylon and Merino Wool Combination for Temperature Regulation
  • Fast-Action Wicking Keeps Your Socks Dry And Prevents Blister Formations


Darn Tough excels with the Outer Limits sock. They have mastered the blend of merino wool and nylon, keeping your feet warm, dry, and comfortable. The fast-action wicking will work all day pulling moisture away from your feet. They also have very little seams, which many boarders prefer. Large seams are annoying because they can rub against your boot. Small seams or “seam-less technology” is more comfortable because your sock is more uniform. Just like many other socks in this article, these socks will not shift once put them on your feet. These socks have the highest ranking on this list for a reason. Give Darn Tough a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

Burton Weekend

View Women's Version
  • Material: 73% acrylic/24% nylon/2% Lycra spandex/1% elastane
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Gender: Mens, Women's
  • Length: Calf-High
  • Size: S/M, M/L
  • Cushioning: Medium
  • Rider Specific Leg Support
  • Chafe-free Toe Seams
  • Calf-high, Allowing Matching with Long Underwear


If wool socks have never worked for you, give the Burton Weekend socks a chance. Their new Ride Specific Leg Support system is very comfortable. The socks are made with hardly any cuff, elastic arches, and cushioning throughout the entire sock. The medium cushioning is designed to keep your foot warm, but keep in mind that your boots may fit a bit tighter when wearing this pair. These socks come in a variety of stylish designs. Heck, you could wear them at the gym and still look great! Many other socks on this list will make your legs look robotic. Not the Burton Weekend socks. If style and comfort are your top priorities, then this is the pair for you!

Smartwool PhD Pro Free

View Women's Version
  • Material: 56% merino wool/41% nylon/3% elastane
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Gender: Mens, Women's
  • Length: Knee-High
  • Size: M and L (Men's), S and M (Women's)
  • Cushioning: Light
  • Patented “Indestructawool” in Most Necessary Places to Ensure Your Socks Last Multiple Seasons
  • 4-Degree Elite Fit Technology Ensures Sock Remains Secure and Comfortable
  • Very Light, But Still Warm


Smartwool aggressively innovates socks each ski season, and this year they have one of the best snowboard socks on the market. The fit of these socks is impeccable, and they will last for many different seasons thanks to their famous Indestructawool. This wool is actually completely unique to Smartwool because they designed it themselves. Impressive, right? Even though these socks don’t feature much cushioning, they still keep your feet very warm. If you need a dependable, durable sock, the PhD Pro Free is for you.

Pure Athlete

  • Material: 87% acrylic / 7% spandex / 6% nylon
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Length: Knee-High
  • Size: S, M, and L
  • Cushioning: Medium
  • UltraWarm Technology Blends Multiple Materials for Warmth
  • Shin and Calf Support for All-Day Comfort
  • Lightweight Design
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee up to 30 Days After Purchase


These socks are the cheapest on the list, but don’t let that convince you that they cannot perform. There is no Merino Wool, the most reputable sock material for snowboarders. But some people aren’t satisfied with the typical merino wool material and prefer a more synthetic sock feel. If that’s the case, a Pure Athlete Snowboarding sock will work well for you. There is medium cushioning throughout the entire sock, but they put a little extra on the calf and shin to ensure you are comfortable all day long. Need a pair without breaking the bank? These socks are for you.

Stance OG Snow Merino

View Women's Version
  • Material: 38% nylon /31% wool/28% polyester/3% elastane
  • Color: Multiple Options
  • Gender: Mens and Women's
  • Length: Knee-High
  • Size: M and L (Men's), S and M (Women's)
  • Cushioning: Heavy
  • 360 Degree Wool Feel for Maximum Comfort
  • Engineered Ankle Protection From Boot Rub
  • AirChannel Cushioning Allowing Comfort and Ventilation For Warm Days


Are you the type of snowboarder who wears multiple pairs of socks just so your boots will fit snug? These socks are the thickest on the list, which will eliminate the need for multiple socks. Even though Merino Wool is in the name, other socks in the list feature much more of the material. That being said, these socks are very comfortable despite being so large. Other heavy cushioned socks will keep your toes warm, but become annoying due to boot rub or shifting. These socks from Stance will be comfortable and warm all day and will protect your ankles and calves from chafing against your boots.





Especially if you’re new to the sport, it’s important to note that most snowboard socks are knee-high. They’re intended to keep the bottom half of your leg warm and not just your foot. That being said, these socks are hard to wear anywhere else other than the slopes. An important thing to think about when choosing which pair of snowboard socks is what sort of long underwear seams you have. The less of a seam, the better they will pair with knee-high socks.



LIGHT: This means little warmth! Lighter cushion means lighter weight and more control over your sock fit.

MEDIUM: These socks will be a bit warmer and have more cushion in the shin and calf. Park riders will like socks with medium cushion.

HEAVY: The largest socks and often the warmest socks. However, these can be tough to fit.



ELASTANE: Elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its elasticity. It’s what keeps a sock on your foot during activity.

MERINO WOOL: Merino wool is very breathable, warm, and moisture-wicking. It comes from Merino sheep and is found in high quality products.

NYLON: Nylon is a non-absorbent fabric, but it doesn’t provide much in terms of warmth.

POLYESTER: Polyester dries quickly and lasts a very, very long time.



It’s very important to get socks that fit your feet! This will prevent blisters and allow for much more comfort. Most socks made nowadays provide sizing charts, making this easy to do. If your size is sold out, get a different pair of socks!



Some socks look really dorky, and some look really stylish. If you want to wear your snowboard socks to work or the gym, avoid the knee-high styles.





If you tend to get stinky feet, a sock with antimicrobial properties will help fight bad odor build-up. This isn’t super necessary on the slopes if your feet typically do not sweat much. However, if you plan on wearing your snowboard socks in the summertime too, then finding a pair with an antimicrobial treatment is well worth it.


A compression fit will help keep your socks. It can also help with muscle recovery, allowing you to stay on the slopes for longer.


Sock elastic will stay in place, meaning fewer blisters for you.


If your socks develop a hole or a seam rips, you can send them back to the company no problem!


Moisture Wicking technology allows for evaporation to occur much quicker in your socks. This increases breathability so your toes will dry quicker on sunny, spring days.


Socks with this technology have excellent rotation. What does this mean? A much more snug fit for all-day comfort.


Socks typically wear out at the heels and toes, which is why socks reinforced in these areas tend to last longer.


Seams on the sock can be annoying, especially when paired with additional layers. If you wear long underwear down to your ankle, consider getting a pair without seams.


Padding here is for the terrain park. If you plan on taking hard landings, shin and calf support will ease the constant stress and pressure.


Aren’t satisfied with your socks? Send them back.


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