Updated on February 6, 2020


You decide everything. You don’t depend on anybody or anything. You make and change the plans as many times as you want without any other director than yourself. The stops or the time on the bike can get longer or shorter depending on your mood. Everyday you choose different views you will enjoy while having dinner at your house, your tent. You don’t need to follow anyone or report to a manager. You only respond to your own desire. A sense of freedom that might sounds like science fiction to others.



You do feel part of this world where we live more than you’ve ever experienced before. Your feelings grow and grow. You get wet when it rains and shake when it’s cold. You will be able to detect the minimum wind as the best sailor out in the sea. And in every climb, no matter how small it could be, you will feel the gained altitude.

There is no shield or window to protect you. When you are at the top, you are very high. However, when you fall, you also get very low. But this is what a juicy life is supposed to be. Like a rollercoaster full of emotions rather than a boring flat line.



You don’t need any kind of entertainment or toys. You own life is your main entertainment now, as you don’t need to “scape from reality” anymore.  You enjoy a simple life, without any “materialistic desire” and with plenty of time to do what you really want. You are happy with very little, because you do what you love.



You see the value of the small things around you, those ones you used to take for granted before, but you don’t have them all the time now. As the shade of a tree when it’s sunny, a glass of water when you’re thirsty, a warm shower when it’s cold or some food when you’re hungry.



You have no idea where you are going to sleep tonight or who will you meet tomorrow. You don’t even know what’s going to happen in 5 minutes. It’s living in the present, where the uncertainty and excitment gain importance, where you don’t worry about the future and where you don’t use the past to protect yourself.



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11 Responses

  1. Mary Reid

    Without thiniking too hard about this my Top 5 would be as follows:
    1. Your day is governed by sunrise and sunset therefore making clocks virtually superfluous
    2. Having the faith in your fellow man restored on a regular basis.
    3. Food tastes the best its ever tasted after a day in the saddle.
    4. Feeling tired as nature intended rather than some stress induced stupor inflicted on you by the modern world.
    5. Nothing beats that wind in hair and sun on back feeling that you get when riding a bike…its simply wonderful! 🙂

    • Antonio Cala

      “stress induced stupor inflicted on you by the modern world” I just loved it!

  2. Andrea Collisson

    1. Leading such a simple life and making do with so few belongings.

    2. Finding it so easy to meet locals from all walks of life.

    3. Being away from addictive morbid distractions like tv and the internet for long periods of time.

    4. Being in an ever changing environment at a pace that is digestible and agreeable.

    5. Feeling fit and healthy as a side effect of a way of life.

  3. Antonio Cala

    Great 5 reasons Andrea! Meeting locals is not just easy, it´s unavoidable! 🙂

  4. Norman

    While I don’t (or rather can’t) travel the world with a bicyle, i’m taking the bike each morning to get to work. Funnily enough it is way faster than car or public transport. It really gives you another perspective on the city – feels more real (yet you are still mobile enough). Also the extra exercise really liftens my spirits!

    when I am on holidays I too try to rent a bike. (tho last year in thailand it was a tiny bit too hot and humid for extended tours :P)

    • Antonio Cala

      I always love when a city is set up for bicycles. It makes such a big difference and you really enjoy the place in a different manner.
      Thanks for your input, Norman.

  5. Henry

    Amazing! I have a plan to have a bicycle ride around the city next month. The post’s author inspire me a lot. I love travelling and explore the life moments by bicycle, more healthy more interesting!

  6. Richard

    Your article has brought back many memories. I spent almost 3 months cycling through Europe, starting in France and riding through Italy, Greece and back through Romania, Austria and Germany. That was an adventure of a lifetime for me but now that I live in the States it’s unlikely that I will ever repeat it.

  7. Christian Bratina

    One of our greatest joys is staying at Warmshowers and getting to know more about that country through our hosts. A cultural exchange program.