We spent almost two months in Belize, although we spent most of the time off the bike. We only cycled 14 days out of the 49 days we spent in the country, you can check the route we followed here. The costs are PER PERSON.

We lived in San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) during the first month. The main goal was to complete the PADI Divemaster course with Belize Pro Dive Center. The experience couldn’t have been better: great people, great diving and great times. 

After a month without pedalling and totally out of shape, we cycled down south, through the beautiful Hummingbird Highway, all the way to Placencia. After spending an amazing week in Glovers Reef, we headed back north and into Guatemala.

Traffic was very light. Food and lodging were expensive in Belize and being in the middle of the rainy season, wild camping opportunities were hard to find. 

* Costs in american dollars (USD)


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Total: 49 Days

Cycling days: 11 Days

Rest days: 38 Days

Total pedalled: 713 Kms (443 mi)

Kms/day: 14.5 Kms (9 mi)

Kms/cycling days: 65 Kms (41 mi)


Total Spent: 487.00 USD

Average spent per day: 9.94 USD


Total Spent: 283.25 USD

Average spent per day: 5.78 USD


Total Spent: 198.82 USD

Average spent per day: 4.06 USD


Total Spent: 5 USD

Average spent per day: 0.10 USD

We found Belize very expensive compared to the neighbour countries, so we had to find other ways to stay on budget. The month we stayed in San Pedro we sublet an apartment of an American guy we met (for 200 USD per month) and we brought 3 weeks of food from Mexico on the bikes. It sounds crazy but it was the only way to keep the costs under 10 USD a day. We always cooked our meals and rarely ate out.  



Total : 49 Days

Days paid to sleep: 45 Days

Days not paid to sleep 4 Days

Showers: 45 (Almost every day!)

Hostel-hotel : 5 Days

Host – Friends: 2 Days

Place : 29 Days

Camping: 13 Days

  • Paid: 12 Days
  • Unpaid: 1 Days

Wild camping in Belize was hard, as we were in the middle of the rain season. Most of the land was flooded, even the roads sometimes.  The rain didn’t stop during the 2 weeks we were cycling, so we had to pay for accommodation most of the time as we couldn’t find a dry place to set up camp. Rooms in Belize are expensive and so is camping. We stuck with camping in order to keep the costs down.