Updated on February 7, 2020

From Monterey to Gorda the views are spectacular, but so are the hills. The area we liked the most was Big Sur. The north of San Diego also tempted us to stay for a while. Good weather, good beaches and a camping in a prime spot in Encinitas were enough reasons to convince us to stay longer.

About the traffic…  California is set up for the cyclist. There are lots of bike paths and the drivers normally give you enough room when they pass by. Downtown L.A. and Laguna Beach were the only spots where we found cycling risky.

* Costs in  american dollars (USD)




Total: 24 Days

Days cycling: 19 Days

Days resting: 5 Days

Total pedalled: 1229Kms (763mi)

Kms/day: 51.2Kms (31.8mi)

Kms/days of cycling: 64.7Kms (40.2mi)


Total Spent: 370.76 USD

Average spent per day: 15.45 USD

Average spent per person per day: 7.22 USD


Total Spent: 132 USD

Average spent per day: 5.50 USD

Average spent per person per day: 2.25 USD


Total Spent: 211.86 USD

Average spent per day: 8.83 USD

Average spent per person per day: 4.42 USD


Total Spent: 46 USD

Average spent per day: 1.91 USD

Average spent per person per day: 0.95 USD

Our daily budget for the trip is 25 USD per day for both of us. Due to the prices in the U.S. we cooked most of our meals and camped.  Also, Amanda’s parents visited us on the way and stocked us up.



Total : 24 Days

Days paid to sleep: 9 Days

Days not paid to sleep 15 Days

Showers: 14 (Once every 1.7 days)

Hostel-hotel : 2 Days

Host – Friends: 10 Days

Camping: 12 Days

  •   Paid: 8 Days
  •   Unpaid: 4 Days

We slept at campgrounds most of the nights. In California, they normally have a hiker & biker area, which is cheap (around 5-6 USD per night). We also stayed with Amanda’s friends and warmshowers hosts.





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  1. larissa

    THIS LOOKS AWESOME! I have got to take my family on a fun ride around the city parks! It would just be so awesome to get to do a nice family event like this where we can all have fun while getting fit!