Updated on February 7, 2020

We decided to give Yucatan Peninsula a go even though we knew it was going to be more expensive and touristy than the other areas we had visited in Mexico. And so it was. But we also found beautiful and secluded spots for bicycle touring, you only have to look harder for them. You can check the route we followed here. The costs are PER PERSON.

Our friend Pablish joined us during this leg of the trip. This made the price of the rooms much cheaper as it was divided by 3 now. So we slept in hostels more often than we had done before. Also, the heat, mosquitoes and rain made camping less enjoyable.

We left Palenque and headed to the State of Tabasco. We crosses the “Pantanos de Centla” through small and traffic-free roads to reach the coast. Once in Frontera, we cycled north close to the sea but on a straight line and monotonous road. We eventually got to the city of Campeche and the situation improved after that. We turned east on a very dirt road to reach Uxmal and the Puuc route.

This area, the south of Yucatan State, was the best cycling in the whole peninsula. Very little traffic, small mayan villages and lots of ruins made these days very interesting. Then we reached Cancun and the “Rivera Maya” and everything increases: prices, traffic and the number of tourists. The area between Cancun and Tulum is not the best for cycling but, once in Tulum, the detour to Punta Allen is really worth it.

* Costs in american dollars (USD)




Total: 53 Days

Cycling days: 21 Days

Rest days: 32 Days

Total pedalled: 1385 Kms (860 mi)

Kms/day: 26 Kms (16.7mi)

Kms/cycling days: 66 Kms (41mi)


Total Spent: 602.50 USD

Average spent per day: 11.37 USD


Total Spent: 293.50 USD

Average spent per day: 5.54 USD


Total Spent: 281 USD

Average spent per day: 5.30 USD


Total Spent: 43 USD

Average spent per day: 0.81 USD

Yucatan Peninsula was the most expensive area of Mexico, specially the Riviera Maya. At the same time, Antonio’s laptop broke so we had to wait around the area for a few weeks to get it fixed, so the costs went up.



Total : 53 Days

Days paid to sleep: 41 Days

Days not paid to sleep 12 Days

Showers: 45 (Once every 1.17 days)

Hostel-hotel : 36 Days

Host – Friends: 3 Days

Place : 3 Days

Camping: 11 Days

  • Paid: 5 Days
  • Unpaid: 6 Days

We didn’t camp much in the Yucatán. Only 11 days out of 53. We were in the middle of the rainy season and, being 3, the rooms were cheaper. We were also lucky to be hosted by Richard & Claudia in Playa del Carmen and by Alfredo & his family in Chemax.



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